Your Checklist for Property Presentation

As soon as your property becomes available for sale, it’s essential that it looks its best. Here is how you can present your property in its best light.

Curb appeal: Make your garden weed free and add a few beautiful plants to make the front of your property appealing and inviting.  There are now stylists for your front yard to improve first impressions adding value to your home.   We are happy to recommend Christine and her team from Street Appeal Garden Solutions

Fresh and clear: Give your property an once-over before each viewing, making sure that the windows are clean. This makes so much difference when viewed in the light of day. 

De-clutter: Prospective buyers should be able to imagine their personal belongings in the home, so remove clutter to make things neat and orderly. Rooms will also appear larger with less clutter.

Set the scene: Create the look you want for your home by hiring furniture. Doing this will transform your home and give it added appeal.  We work with several companies depending on your requirements and budget.

Make repairs, minor ones: Make sure to take care of minor repairs such as leaking taps and broken bulbs. Make scuffs and scrapes in the woodwork disappear with a fresh coat of paint. Simple maintenance work will ensure that buyers don’t discover any flaws.

Air it out: To eliminate smoke or pet odours, open the windows to air the place out, brew a pot of coffee, and make the room a little brighter with fresh flowers.

Let there be light: Install mirrors and lights in strategic places and open all internal doors to make the room appear bigger.

Take care of pets: Make sure to clean up after your pets and remove them from the property during viewing times.

Chill out: Add warmth by making sure your home has the right temperature for the day. Chase the cold away by lighting a fire, turning on the patio heaters or gas heating. Or make your home a little less hot by turning on fans and cooling systems.