Window Safety Devices in Strata Must Be Installed by 13 March

People living in, owning or managing a townhouse or unit block have until 13 March 2018 to install window safety devices to prevent children from falling from windows. This law covers all openable windows where the interior floor is over 2 metres above the surface outside and within a child’s reach (below 1.7 m above the inside floor).

The devices must be fixed to a window frame or tough bars (provided the opening can be curbed at less than 12.5 cm and can endure 250 newtons of force). They are also required to be installed on applicable windows in stair landings and other common areas.

Owners corporations will incur a fine if they fail to comply with the 12 March 2018 deadline. Owners corporations do not need to supervise or implement the use of window safety devices but they must make sure they are installed by the set deadline.

Once window safety devices are installed, the windows can be fully opened. However, residents are strongly advised to engage the devices every time there are children, to prevent falls.

Contact your property manager, owner or strata manager as soon as possible if yours have not been installed or have not been informed of an installation date.  Alternatively, you can always contact Annette Pinkerton at One Agency Pinkerton Properties for more information and advice.