Why Use a Real Estate Agent? Here Are the Reasons Why

Today, a wealth of real estate information is right at our fingertips.


It is easier now to access property information using technology leading us to data, expert opinions and investment advice – resources that can help us make the right decision over buying or selling property.


There is also a rise in disruptive digital real estate platforms, which offer services such as flat-fee commissions or platforms that provide agent performance rating.

Technology is truly influencing how we transact property, but we mustn’t forget the value of human connections in real estate.


Three Benefits of Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent

  1. Solid networks are good but sound knowledge and experience in marketing is better

With a simple click of a button, properties can be listed and advertised in various digital platforms.

This may mean wide exposure, but the message has to be right, the images need to have cut through to target the right market and the frequency has to be on point.  So what does that all mean?

Your agent has to be a marketing specialist.  Simply uploading your property to the digital real estate portals and putting a sign out the front is not enough!  

Many agents are not specialists and are encouraging you to list with them ‘off market’ at the moment but I ask you – what would you prefer?  To run the risk of over marketing your property by $2,500 or run the risk of underselling your property by $50,000?  

  1. Comprehensive local knowledge

The internet has all sorts of information, but not all information is available on the internet.  you may have access to the sales prices of similar properties in your local area but it’s the agent who has on-ground experience and knowledge which can provide additional information giving light to why some properties out perform others.

Real estate agents will have knowledge of the disadvantages of their area, what dwellings have been selling for, what is popular, or the type of buyers that it attracts.

These pieces of information can help you navigate the selling process, like when you set the price for your home or try to negotiate the highest possible price given the present market conditions.

  1. Helping you achieve your property goals

It can be tempting to hire an agent who charges the lowest fees, but the cheapest agent may not always be the best.

For sellers, it is worth considering the value offered by agents and the service they provide. Find an agent who can best present your property and negotiate on your behalf. You’ll probably get the best results from a motivated agent with a higher commission, rather with a reduced commission. 

Remember, that an agent with loads of current listings may not have the time to effectively work on your property and your home may end up becoming stale with little interest.  An agent who limits themselves to a respectable amount of listings has more chance of selling your property within a reasonable amount of time and will likely achieve a higher price for you.  We all know, that the longer a home sits on the market the more likely it is to adjust the asking price.  

This is why it is essential to do your research, evaluate your personal financial situation and hire a professional to help you consider all options when looking to transact property.

If you are thinking of selling anytime within the next few months, call Annette Pinkerton at One Agency Pinkerton Properties for a current market appraisal.