Why Choose Auction to Sell Your Property?

one of One Agency auctions

If you are selling your home, it is very important to choose the right method to sell it.

Choosing auction has several benefits, including have a set date, unconditional contracts and creating competition in the market.

  1. Generating competition
    Competition can become fierce and a strong emotional attachment is established between purchaser and property in a short period of time during an auction. And with a shortage of properties for sale in Newcastle and the Lake Macquarie areas at present there’s a good chance the competition will be even more intense.
    ​It could boost a home’s value and even exceed your expectations!
  2. Having a definite end date
    There is urgency for a potential buyer to be organised for auction day because there is a set end date. If a purchaser views the home seven days before auction day, they have seven day to prepare and make a bid.
    Having a set date also establishes an organised selling scheme, designed to achieve a sale either before, during or after the auction.

    The vendor and agency get clarity on what they must do during the selling process, and allows them to get ready for all open for inspections and the auction.

  3. Enticing more prospective buyers
    Selling a home via auction can help lure in more purchasers via the open for inspections and more bidders signing up for the auction.
    Fierce competition may compel interested buyers to participate actively in the bidding to get their dream house.
  4. Get maximum results from your marketing-
    There will always be an investment in marketing when you are selling your home. You can attract the maximum number of buyers in the shortest amount of time possible with a high impact marketing campaign, which is typically packed in between 21-28 days.
    Purchasers also get a chance to notice the ad, appreciate it, and build an instant emotional bond between the property and themselves as a purchaser.

    This is your first and only chance to make a good first impression.​  

  5. Trim down days on the market
    By selling at auction, your home doesn’t sit on the market for a long time.
    Bidders compete for your home, and as a seller this is definitely the best method to sell your property. 
  6. Unconditional contract
    You get an instant unconditional contract with a public auction.
    A buyer is bound to the contract once the hammer falls, and an exchange occurs soon after.
    The sellers get clarity with regards to the sale. Auction is the most transparent method to sell a property because purchasers can see competing bidders and sellers can see for themselves what the market is willing to pay for their property.

Do you want to auction your property?  Ask Annette how her unique marketing strategies will help you achieve your dreams.