What Will Improve How Your Facade Looks?

A strong focal point – this is the one thing that would make your façade look better.

Normally, that will be the front entry and door. However, if it cannot be seen from the road, then the focal point might be the garage door, front fence or pedestrian gate areas.

They may have been times when you’ve seen too many focal points in a house, but don’t know why you dislike it. The reason is that multiple features on a home’s facade can cause the viewer’s focus to stray and make them feel uncomfortable. A design is deemed good if it is easy on the eye, unpretentious but chic and well organised.

It is a common mistake for renovators to give each element of their home’s façade the “wow” factor. Meanwhile, there are many homes without any feature or focal point and too visually boring.

So what can you do to liven up your home’s façade?

Install a beautiful front door. This is a simple change that you’d easily afford. To add layer, put in a few other design features. This will greatly jazz up your home’s façade.

Adding a feature wall panelling, screen or a deck at the front entry is also another option. But take note these features will depend on the home’s style and suitability.

A small roof is another feature that can make a huge difference in your front entry. Make it more inviting with big pots planted with lush plants.

However, make sure that the features you are adding fit with the existing style of your home. Designers and architects are experts at combining old with contemporary styles, but it is hard to find a balance.

It is absolutely fine to modernise your home by making changes, but be sure they are properly integrated.

You can also use contrasting materials and colours to create a powerful focal point.

It is also important to consider lighting. Often an afterthought, lighting is an effective way to create visual contrast to your home, especially at night.

Soften the general appearance of your home with stylish landscaping in the front yard. To add to the focal point, plant a green area close to the front entry to your home. Think about planting in layers, with the tall plants at the back and the small ones at the front. Planting a tree at the centre of the yard is a good idea too, but it shouldn’t obstruct the focal point.

Regardless of what style your home is, you can create a strong focal point. That is the advantage of good design – it can complement anything even if you think it won’t.