What Tenants Need to Know About Decorating their Rental Property

It’s normal for tenants to want to personalise their rental property by painting an accent wall or hanging a picture.
But there is something you need to be aware of as a renter: the changes you make must easily be reversible when you leave, and the landlords have the right to make you pay for it.
It is the reality that tenants have to carefully balance between making their rental a place to call home and making changes that could be taken out from their bond.
But tenants shouldn’t despair. There are situations where changes can be made with the landlord’s approval, and sometimes they shoulder a portion of the cost, too. Communication is important. Learn about the conditions in your tenancy agreement and tell your landlord what you plan to do before doing anything.
What are the common “improvements” that tenants attempt but landlords dislike?
Starting a painting job is how most tenants express their excitement in moving to a home. A landlord’s approval for a painting job would depend on the colour and how easy it will be cover with a new paint.
The landlord would also appreciate it if you have the skill to do the job. For example, don’t get paint on the ceilings, the trim, doorknobs or outlets. Do the job well, like it was done by a professional.
One of the major issues that landlords encounter when a renter moves out is filling holes in the wall. Tenants should consider less destructive handing methods, like using Blu-Tack instead of thumb tacks.
Window treatments installation
You don’t like the cheap vertical blinds currently installed in your rental home. It is normal to want to put a curtain rod or roman shades. However, the holes that you need to drill in order to put those elements would need to be filled in when you move out. Landlords don’t like seeing those large screw marks around the window frame.
It takes time to fix those walls. The landlord will use your bond if they have to hire a handyman or do the repair themselves.
Installing your TV on the wall
Drilling holes to mount your TV on the wall is worse than hammering nails into the drywall to hang a picture or curtain.
The worst case scenario is that the TV will fall to the floor because the mounting wasn’t done right. This could injure someone, break the TV or take a portion of the wall with it.
Planting in the garden
Landlord may not always appreciate their tenant planting a few flowers in the garden. This is because landlords prefer their property as maintenance free as possible. Best to check before you start planting even if you think it looks nicer and adds value!  to be safe, your best bet are pots and planters.

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