Using a Real Estate Agent versus Selling Your House Yourself

You are making a major financial endeavour when selling your home. This is why it is highly recommended that you seek the help of an expert. Though you may have the experience and resources to go about it on your own, doing so can be costly and can take a lot of your time.

It is the job of real estate agents to sell properties, and you can benefit from their vast experience. In addition, you are protected legally when you use a real estate agent. The things that an agent will do for you include:

  • Provide accurate advice on the value of your property and include recent sales as evidence
  • Assist you on the best method to sell your property (auction, tender or asking price)
  • Set up, be present and take note of potential buyers at open houses
  • Deal with enquiries about your property
  • Give you access to more prospective buyers with their own buyers’ database
  • Take care of sale negotiations for you and make an effort to get the best possible price

Additionally, your agent will:

  • Assist you and handle all activities involved in the marketing of your property, including organising the flyers, floor plan, video and photos
  • Create a professional advertising schedule that would deliver maximum exposure to your property to draw in attract the most prospective buyers
  • Guide you on conveyancing, legal and financial services
  • Wrap up the sale through a solicitor or conveyancer

Selling your property without an agent can cost you thousands, even choosing the wrong agent can cost you thousands of dollars!  Make sure you choose you agent based on their marketing and negotiation abilities.  Be very aware of the agents who appraise your property high and ask for a low commission.  There’s a reason for this!!