Upgrade These 5 Areas Before Selling Your Home

If you’re selling your home, there are many ways you can use to boost its sale price. Here are the 5 areas in your home that you should improve to get the biggest impact for the lowest cost.

  1. The walls

First thing on the list is painting because for every dollar you spend on painting, the return is usually well in excess of a thousand. With so many colours available, what should you choose?

Choose neutral but avoid anything stark. For example, there are many variations of white, so the choice will be determined by the light your space has, and the colours of the floors and fixtures.

  1. The floor

It’s not easy to change flooring, but sometimes the existing flooring is totally worn out and drab. If you have a decades-old carpet, an overhaul is in order.

The type of home and who is looking to buy it will determine what new flooring you choose. If you’re trying to attract buyers, rather than investors, then that should be reflected in the flooring. Experts suggest purchasing quality engineered floorboards that can be placed directly on top of the existing floors.

If you’re selling to property investors, choose quality, affordable options like a laminate.

Floating floorboards is one easy way to upgrade your floors. The floorboards easily interlock and are laid over existing foundations, minimising installation time.

For carpets, both buyers and investors still prefer softness underfoot in bedrooms and upstairs spaces. If you are targeting investors who want to rent out the property, choose a low-maintenance, stain-resistant carpet, such as those of synthetic dyed nylon varieties. If you want something more luxurious, a wool blend is the perfect material.

You should also consider the architecture and style of the rest of your home when choosing a colour or flooring style.

  1. Street view

Curb appeal is important because buyers often drive past a house first before they decide if they’ll look inside. Declutter, mulch the garden, put in a new lawn, if budget allows. These are just a few simple things that will earn your house a good price come inspection and sale day.

Additionally, if you’re planning to paint your interiors, you may as well consider painting the outside of your home too.

  1. The kitchen

Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. However, before you demolish your kitchen, make sure the improvement will benefit you.

Make sure that the cost of updating your kitchen will be reflected in the sale price. If not, simply tidy it up if it’s messy and add a few select styling items.

If you’re not sure whether to remodel your kitchen, ask your selling agent. They should know the type of buyers your home appeals to and whether or not they would prefer a fully-furnished kitchen or a fixer-upper.

  1. The lighting

Clean your windows, so people can see straight to your garden and establish a connection to the home. Trim the trees that block the view or light. A well-lit home is an important item in most buyers’ checklist.

Check your fittings to see if you need to replace them to allow more light in. 

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