Tips to Present Your Home During Open Inspections

The old saying ‘first impressions last’ is very true with regards presenting properties for sale. Your home has to be neat and be presentable inside and outside, as a lot of people will pass by it before making a decision to view it on open homes.

Your home will be just one of many that buyers will inspect, so it’s important that buyers see it in its best. You are more likely to get the best price for your property if it looks appealing.

Clean and orderly
Here are three important ways you can present your property in the best possible light:

  • Clean the property inside and out to make it look more habitable.
  • De-clutter the living areas to present the spaces better.
  • Similar to an old car, a property that looks well-maintained is more valuable than one that is neglected. It’s good to make minor repairs before putting a property up for sale.

Different decorating styles, different approaches
Each person’s decorating tastes is unique. So it’s better to adopt a more neutral decorating style for your open homes. This means not everybody will be impressed with your lava lamp or nude self portrait, so store them away in the meantime.

More things to consider when decorating your property for open homes:

  • Fill blank walls with mirrors or paintings
  • Create a homely feel with vases and plants
  • Maximise the space in smaller bedrooms with single beds
  • Show the potential of the outside spaces by putting outdoor furniture there

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