Tips to Prepare your Outdoor Space for Summer

We always look forward to a change in season, particularly when it’s summer. Sunblock is used more than usual. We impulsively buy ice cream from the service station. We also stretch out in our backyard under the sun as we watch the bedsheets dry out fast.

The beach and day trips are not the only activities that can give us the greatest taste of summer. Our home can also offer similar experiences by preparing your outdoor spaces ahead of the summer season.

Use mulch

One of the simplest and low-maintenance ways to spruce up your garden for summer is to add mulch to your plants. Mulch helps suppress weeds, keep moisture in the soil while keeping it from becoming dry, and will make you garden look tidier.

Use organic mulch if possible because it adds organic matter and nutrients to the soil as it breaks down.  I particularly like to use leaf litter mulch.

When you add mulch to your garden, make sure to weed the area first and add the mulch at 75 millimetre depth. Unlike with compost, there is no need to dig it in.

Replace with fresh mulch every 12 to 18 months.   

DIY garden renovation

Start small and work on one area at a time and when you decide what to plant, choose ones that you’d like to eat, see and smell.

This is a system that can easily work. For example, plant blooming flowers and integrate them with herbs.

Herbs are highly recommended. Plant lots of them because they grow easily and can easily shift effectively from a summer salad to a cocktail garnish.

For fragrance, plant gardenias, and for shade & colour think about a Japanese Maple.

Al fresco style

If your style leans towards some al fresco atmosphere for your outdoor space, whether a backyard or an apartment balcony, determine how you intend to use it first.

For example, do you want to use the space to gather a large group of friends for dinner, or do you prefer to host people for coffee or drinks?

For a smaller event, a lounge seating and a coffee table is ideal. Use stackable furniture if you need to store it after use. You can buy wooden stools that can also be used as tables and coffee tables.

To get value for your money, consider stools that can be used for both indoors and outdoors and can withstand any weather. This will allow you to move it from outdoors to indoors and vice versa.

You might also encounter unwanted guests – mosquitoes. To address this rather annoying situation, use repellents such as citronella candles or throw a few stems of rosemary on the barbeque. The mosquitoes will stay away due to the herb’s woody scent.

Garden pots

When you use garden pots to style your garden, opt for clusters of pots at different heights and sizes, as well as ones that are hanging or affixed to the wall with cascading foliage, in odd numbers.

Pots are considered ideal for renters as you can take them with you when you move.

You can be creative by turning found objects into pots. Just make sure the objects have drainage holes, or you can drill small holes in the base if they don’t.

As summer approaches, it’s better to use big pots because the smaller ones will dry out fast.


It is also important to add a lighting feature to your outdoor area, especially when afternoon drinks shifts to an evening barbeque. Your choices are outdoor lamps, floor lamps, and hanging and strand lamps, which are sold at different price ranges.

You can also opt for LED lights from hardware stores, or designer lights that can be used for both task and ambient lighting.

This year I’ve opted for solar battery Christmas lights along the balustrade and fairy lights from the ceiling.


So get creative and just because it’s almost Christmas – don’t think it’s too late…..  There is still Boxing D