Tips to Make Your Open Inspection a Success

We often hear the saying “first impressions matter” but when it comes to open inspections, the motto to remember is “every impression matters.”

The reason is that the way a home is shown for an open home can determine whether prospective buyers are left in awe or dread.  Open inspections are not only impressing potential buyers with a home’s lovely features, but also presenting how well it is cared for and maintained.

Here’s what I recommend sellers pay attention to before starting an open inspection.


The General Vibe

Presenting the home in its best possible light is the simplest advice you can follow. Make the property neat, tidy, cool and fresh – all things that buyers check when looking at properties. Open doors, turn on the lights, adjust the temperature and attend to any awful pet smells to satisfy all senses.  I also recommend getting rid of personal items in your home, but it’s a fine line. There is no need to completely depersonalise because you don’t want your home to look and feel sterile. You want prospective buyers to see that your home is loved.


Hire Furniture

Hire furniture for the length of the sales campaign. With hire furniture, you can sell the dream of how a buyer would live in your home. A living area is just an open space until you add furniture, and then it transforms into a room where people could see themselves living there.



I always warn against “over-styling” your property. When styling for open, less is more. Make your property feel loved and comfortable and not overdone.


Don’t Overlook the Exterior

Focusing only on the interiors of a property is a trap. Outdoors is essential, especially if it’s an area for entertainment. Apply the same level of beauty you do on the interior to the exterior. Arrange tables and chairs and tidy up the gardens, lawns and edges.


Getting Ready to Sell

Typically your open home should run for around 30 minutes but sometimes I will recommend a longer open home time for larger homes or for your first open home.   This will depend on the number of active buyers attending viewings or the amount of enquiry coming in on your home.  I may also suggest a weekday open home or VIP Open Home!    The next step is to ensure that you are not present or spying on the property from your car or a neighbours home.  It’s now time to leave your home and let both your buyers feel comfortable and for your agent get to work! 

Thinking of selling this year?  Call me to arrange for an appointment to discuss my ideas to increase the value of your home and to make recommendations specific to your home!