Tips to Make Your Home a Selling Hit

“How much is my property worth?” This is the question that is foremost in the mind of a seller when they decide to put their home on the market.

And this is a complex question because there are many factors that can influence a property’s sale price.

However, sellers can do some things to help improve the property’s chances of getting an excellent sales result.


Here is how to position your property to achieve selling success:


  1. Begin from the front

Many buyers will see your house first on the Internet, but a significant number of these people may follow up with an actual visual check or drive by.

It’s important to ensure the potential buyers’ first impression is a good one. You can boost your home’s street appeal by cleaning up the front of your house and the yard. This will encourage more people to drop by and check out your property in detail.

You can also paint and fix the fence. Giving your fence a fresh coat of paint will make your yard appear larger and more attractive.  Remember the letterbox too!  It’s just as important.


  1. Small investment, big rewards

Buying a few cans of paint and giving the interior of your home new paint is the most inexpensive way to raise the value of your home.

Buyers look positively on a home with big space. With light, neutral colours, the sense of space within the home is instantly improved.

Go with neutral colours, particularly white, to make the space appear bigger. It also pushes you to get pull out some furniture and furnishing because you don’t want the pieces you’d like to take with you to the new home to get paint.


  1. Think carefully about renovations

One major mistake that many sellers commit is overcapitalising with the cost of their renovations.

Experts say that renovations in the kitchens and bathrooms bring the biggest return on investment. However, sellers should proceed with caution.

Don’t spend too much on renovations because most buyers want to give their own stamp to their own kitchens and bathrooms anyway.


  1. Put a shine on those benchtops

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a complete kitchen overhaul, experts suggest painting the old benchtops and cabinets to give them an instant boost in appeal.


  1. Dec-clutter

Getting rid of clutter will barely cost a cent. Remove as many of your belongings as possible throughout the period when your home is open for viewing. It makes your home appear bigger, thereby boosting its selling potential.

You’re leaving the property anyway, so if there are things that you’d like to take with you then that would be a big help for your agent in selling the place.