Tips to Avoid the Most Expensive Household Hazards and Insurance Claims During Winter

Winter blues and winter hazards around the home usually come hand in hand. They sneak up on us like the cold and you can become vulnerable when you are not protected by your home and contents insurance.

There are two common and expensive insurance claims that, during winter, home owners should be especially aware of.

Fire and escapable liquid, from the perspective of peril-type costs, are the costliest in the industry at present for home and contents insurance.

According to Fire and Rescue NSW, of the 4500 house fires in the state they handle yearly, one-third happen during winter. Heaters, electric blankets, open indoor fires, wheat bags and power surges can be accidents waiting to happen.

Fire typically is started by heating and an electrical surge due to numerous electric heaters and/or more appliances being used. Fires tend to occur more in older-wired and metered homes too.  Now that winter is here, make sure you check the things around the house that might cause a fire like heaters and electric blankets, particularly if they are several years old. 

Leak of liquids is commonly caused by significant day-to-night plunge in temperatures.  Putting pressure on pipes causes leaks and flooding. Think about a 15 to 20-degree that plunges to one digit or minus temperature at night. When hot water flows through the cold copper pipes, that is when they tend to break down.

You can avoid major water damage caused by the leak of liquid by monitoring changes in your water bill consumption and water pressure.  It is important to mitigate these dangers before they occur – preventable accidents do happen. Nights are turning colder and heaters are being taken out of storage, so making sure your home and contents insurance are adequate.  

I recommend you contact the following people to help make sure you are safe and protected this winter.

Trevor Gibson – Newsure Insurance

Uwe von Czapiewski – Elekmark Industries

Daniel Blancato – Shortland Plumbing