Tips for Taking Advantage of an Open Home Inspection

Can you trust yourself to make the right decision if  you were only granted thirty minutes to decide whether a property could be your potential new home?

In real life, that is roughly the amount of time the majority of people spend actually inspecting a home before purchasing it.

Sounds absurd doesn’t it?   But given our hectic schedules, this is reality for most buyers.

Experienced house hunters may be able to determine in a short amount of time whether a property is the right one, but those who are less experienced may not find it easy, making them vulnerable to making the wrong decision.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of the time you have when inspecting a property:

Prepare a checklist:-
I recommend creating a list of features that you absolutely must have. This will give you a clear understanding of what you’re looking for, making it easier for your spot the right property.  Prior to conducting a viewing, check the listing and take particular note of what you don’t know. Focus on these details at the open inspection.

Avoid rushing
Unless the property is in high demand and you are in fear of missing out, visit the property during the day, at night and during the middle of the week,  This way you get to observe the different light levels, traffic in the street, and who your neighbours might be.  Ask the sales agent to arrange a private inspection and let them know that you want to take your time.

Hire professionals
A pest and building inspection is important even if you think a property looks to be in sound condition.  Other professionals to consider pre-purchase is an electrician who will check the wiring of the property and even a plumber for any possible defects.

And for those buyers planning a renovation I would strongly recommend an interior designer or architect rather than a builder to conduct a walk through to discuss the best changes and provide a rough estimate of costs.

Think of these services as an investment rather than a cost. Not only will they offer ideas and great solutions but they could save you big dollars in labour, materials and time!