Tips for Staying on Top of Your Home Maintenance All-Year Round

Here is a checklist to help you keep your home maintained all year round, starting from the things you need to do now.

Autumn and Winter
Clean the gutters: During autumn when leaves fall, make sure to clear your gutters of debris and look over it for any damage. Ensure that you have all repairs done before winter starts.  If you hire someone to do the job, ask them to also take a look at your roof for any loose or broken tile.
Painting: A moody autumn or winter weekend is a good time to do fairly simple DIY projects like giving your walls a fresh coat of paint.
Do minor indoor jobs: You can take up that small project that you put off during summer during the cold months.  Here are examples of small indoor jobs that you can tackle during autumn or winter:

Fix any hole or scratches on your walls using joint compound and putty knife
Remedy squeaking hinges with oil or any appropriate lubricant
Remove rot from doors and windows using a knife and fill in any holes with a filling compound
Check your smoke alarms and replace the batteries, if they are at least a year old

Tackle your lawn: Aside from mowing your lawn two times a week, use spray for weeds and the right fertiliser to turn your yard from ordinary to a thing of beauty.
Get the water blaster out: Your outdoor area will be filled with moss and lichen that accumulated during the winter months. Use a reliable gurney to do the job of removing them. To make the job easier, soften the surfaces first using the appropriate spray.
Check the base of your house for weeds: Weeds can grow in abundance and cause problem with dampness. You should also clear your gutter and inspect your roof for damage, which could have happened from a storm during the winter.
Check your appliances: Appliances that have been in use all winter should be checked in mid to late October. These include gas fires, DVS systems, heat pumps and chimneys. Have them cleaned yearly and prevent any hassle when the next winter arrives.

Exterior repairs: Don’t take on major improvements to the exterior of your home. Invest in making small repairs to your deck or painting your fence.
Time your projects: A perfect time to arrange all home improvements you want to finish for the year is during summer. Hire your contractor for that interior job during winter and finalise your plans for that new outdoor entertainment area so you’re ready to break ground by spring.