Tips for Selling your Home in Winter

Most people believe the summer months tend to be the best season to buy and sell homes, but there are benefits for selling in the winter months.

It’s not a bad time to sell during the cooler months. Because there is a likelihood of lesser properties on the market during this period, you have less competition and more buyer exposure working for you.
Tips for Selling in Winter
1. Make your home appear and feel warm
The overall appeal of your home can get a big boost from small touches. Use new coverings, rugs and cushions in warm colours such as red, gold and brown to create a positive impression to prospective buyers. Create a cozy, welcoming feel with the use of coverings made from wool and fur.
2. Create a great outdoor space
People tend to overlook outdoor spaces during the cold season, but you can make it a great selling point with a great presentation. Show buyers that the gardens and outdoor areas can still be used even during winter by setting up an outdoor heater. Showcase a freshly mowed lawn and trimmed hedges and flower beds. If you have a pool, make sure it is clean and sparkling.
3. Add sufficient light
During winter, even when it’s morning, indoor spaces can be quite dark. Create the illusion of more space by turning on all the lights and eliminating clutter. Allow as much natural light as possible into the property by making sure the windows and blinds are clean. Open all windows, even just the slightest, so it won’t get to stuffy with so many people inspecting the property.

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