Tips for Picking a Splashback for a Dark Charcoal Kitchen


Aside from being elegant, dark charcoal or grey kitchen cabinets are also versatile, as this classic tone will look beautiful with several splashback options. Here are some schemes to help you determine which finishes and materials could match your deep-toned units.

Marble splashback

A marble splashback, or an engineered-stone look-like, is a good choice if you want a more luxurious vibe. The smooth, pale surfaces on the walls and benchtops bring a fascinating contrast to the charcoal units.

What makes a marble design stand out is its veining. It helps combine dark and light surfaces to bring a pleasant balance to the total vibe.

Textured wall of painted bricks

This is an ideal pairing.  Imaging your dark charcoal cabinets contrasted by a bright white benchtop with the added warmth of a textured brick splashback.

Textured finishes used in other areas like a dining room or open plan living area will also work well.  Try mixing it up a little.

Groove paneling

Fully take on the deep colours of your dark charcoal cabinets by putting the shade right on your wall. Use tongue-and-groove paneling and apply the same colour for the splashback and the cabinets.

The deep-charcoal surfaces in the space could be offset by the earthier shade of the copper sink and brass fittings, and separated by the purely white benchtop.

Subway tiles

Choose something low-key on the walls, if you’d like to simply underline the beautiful deep tones of your dark charcoal cabinetry. For example, you can create an elegant space by painting the walls white and subtly punctuate it with a splashback made of white subway tiles. The simple backdrop will emphasise the beautiful rich colour in the base units.

Put a twist on subway tiles

One solution to giving a twist to subway tiles is to lay them in a herringbone design. This particular pattern looks great when merged with the modern materials and lines in a kitchen, as it brings character and texture.

The fascinating thing about this layout is that the tiles becomes the standout element and the dark charcoal units create a frame around them.

Have fun with pattern

Dark charcoal may be a daring tone, but it is also stylishly down-to-earth – ideal for displaying a wall of patterned tiles.

Take a breather and reflect

If you are worried that dark cabinets might create a cramped and dreary feeling in your space, here is what you can do: install a mirrored splashback to reflect the light and add a spacious vibe.

For example, a tinted glass can be a good option by fitting a thin LED light along the bottom of the wall-mounted cabinets to brighten the room. An ambient glow is created with the light bouncing against the mirrored surface.