Tips for Finding a Real Estate Agent that Fits You

Real estate transactions should be trouble-free and stress-free with the right real estate agent or broker working for you. The adage “20 per cent of agents do 80 per cent of the business” is true. So, how do you find the right real estate agent? The right agent for you does not have to be employed at the biggest real estate agency, closing the highest number of transactions or earning the most money. Look for an experienced professional who knows how to listen to her clients, handle herself properly and has knowledge of the market.

1.   Ask for referrals
 Referrals from satisfied clients are what keep most real estate agents in business. Ask friends, relatives or neighbours what agent they have hired and ask them to relate their experience with that agent. The best agents strive for high customer satisfaction and put their clients’ interests before their own. You would want an agent who goes above and beyond the call of duty and praised highly by the people who asked for referrals.  

2.  Look for agent sold listings online
You can visit plenty of websites that will refer agents to you, but quality is not a guarantee. The referrals you will get are those who have paid the website owners to be listed in their directory. You’d get better results by looking up top real estate agents in your area on Google, visit those websites and look at the profiles of individual agents. Agents who have been in business for years will tell you in their profiles, but agents who are just starting out may have more time for you. Read customer testimonials.

3.  Go to open houses
You can meet real estate agents at open houses. Get their business cards and make notes of what you observed about them. If you are planning to sell your home, observe the way an agent shows a home. Note if she is polite and knowledgeable; if she hands out professional-looking brochures on the home; if she is working to sell the features of the home.
4.  Look for listing signs in your neighbourhood
Track signs for homes that are being sold in your area. Note the ‘days on market’ – when the sign goes up and the date it is taken down. Waiting for a sold sign may do you no good because not all agents put up a sold sign. It might be better for you to choose the agent who sells listings fast rather than one with the highest number of “for sale” signs.  More doesn’t necessarily mean the best!

5.  Put up print ads

There are two reasons why agents run real estate ads. One is to sell a particular property. Second is a promotional ad to market the real estate agent. Search for house ads in your targeted local area in your local community newspaper. Then visit the websites of the agents that put up those ads. Those agents may be knowledgeable about your neighbourhood. Contact the agent and ask their experience.

6.  Ask professionals for recommendations
Seek recommendations from other real estate agents. Agents are willing to recommend buyers and sellers to fellow agents, particularly if the service you require is not the area of expertise of the agent who is referring you. Some agents are experts on residential real estate and others specialise in new home builds. There are those who focus only on commercial or investment property. You can also ask mortgage brokers, solicitors and conveyancers for agent referrals. Many of them know first-hand the names of the best agents. Professionals are likely to recommend other professionals like themselves.

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