Tips for Blending Vintage Pieces in a Modern Home

Some people may think that vintage and modern will not work in a home. But it can and it does. Vintage designing and pieces has always been popular. But now, more and more people are recognising the way it can create depth and infuse a unique vibe into a room. Vintage doesn’t mean out of date anymore. In reality, elegant vintage furniture and décor items are, and continue to be, a key decorating trend.

The Key to Working with Vintage
The concept of modern vintage decorating basically involves mixing the old and new. To do this, add key items that create a blend and a link between the past and the present, making sure that they flow beautifully with the rest of the home.

For example, you can style a modern couch using a vintage Kantha throw and a few beautiful cushions to match your chosen colour palette. A contemporary kitchen in white can be given a country look by adding a few rustic pieces of furniture and accessories. You can use wire baskets, shabby-chic milk jugs for flowers, and more to create a seamless combination of old and new.

What do you with an old piece of furniture or décor item? Throw it away? No! Upcycle? Definitely!

So how do you upcycle? This concept is also a perfect way to blend old and new. For example, you can give a piece of furniture a modern twist by giving it a custom paint job, or re-upholstering it with a modern-looking fabric.

The patina of antiques beautifully contrasts against contemporary colours and finishes. Repurposing industrial items that you would not typically find inside a home, like industrial lights or cupboards, can give off a vintage feel to an otherwise contemporary setting. Simply decorating a mantelpiece with vintage candlesticks can also do the trick.

More Tips
The contrast of the worn against the new, rough with smooth, square with round, and colour against neutral, is the key to vintage modern styling. These contrasts are the magic that makes this style of decorating work.

When you think of decorating elements, think outside the box. A vintage dresser you had picked up in a garage sale can be given new life and purpose – give it a new colour and use it as a television console. A vintage wardrobe can also work in a contemporary bedroom.

There are so many possibilities – just view vintage pieces with a new eye and don’t be limited by what other people say can’t work in a modern space.

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