Three Inspired Ways to Transform the Unutilised Room in your Home

It can be easy to overlook an unused room in your home. But with an open mind and a creative approach, any unused space can be turned from shabby to pretty. Here are three creative suggestions on how to make use of your unused room from the experts.

1. A small powder room

If you have a small disconnected space in your new home, turn it into a discreet powder room.  It will not only be functional but it will add value to your home too!  All that is needed is a beautiful basin, light fitting and the toilet.  There was no need for storage, so a horizontal shelf installed can serve the purpose to add a little design.

2. A bright child’s bedroom

Dark rooms often become dump rooms. With the addition of a skylight, lighter and brighter shades of paint colour or a larger window, these dump or junk rooms can be reclaimed as a bright and cheery room ideal for a child or a quiet spot to read a book.

Natural light is always best but sometimes even a lamp can be all that is required to make the space brighter and usable again.

3. The quaint breakfast area

Empty walls and wide open spaces can be made quaint, cossy, comfortable and functional without having to redesign the whole space.

Think about replacing the bench top with an overhang so you can place stools at the bench to create a breakfast bench.  It’s a great way to add more seating and improves the room’s functionality and makes it more aesthetically pleasing.  Especially when you add some shelving the the empty walls for your favourite ‘bits and bobs’.  Best thing about this is that you only need a limited budget and no structural changes needed.