Three Colour Combos to Consider for Your Home

If you feel overwhelmed with the thought of making over your entire home’s colour scheme, don’t be. It is easy to get done with the help of some tips from the experts.

Here are some tips for the seamless colour combos to design warm spaces this winter.

  1. Rich and decadent bedroom use burgundy and charcoal

You can easily create a comfy retreat in your bedroom next winter by amplifying the lush notes of burgundy plus charcoal, which are popular right now.

Keep it up to date by integrating these colours with accessories, cushions and throw rugs.

Here is the best styling tip for your bedroom: consider texture and silky materials. For example, create an easy-luxe vibe using velvet, or create a cosy and comfortable space to rest with jersey bed linen.

  1. Modern yet classic kitchen and dining area use blonde wood and matte black

There is no other perfect natural material than timber.  Timber is characterised as earthy and having a grounding effect on any space. It is open and possesses comfort.

To take full advantage of timber’s excellent elements, organise your table, preferably made of wood, with matte black ceramics, tableware and cutlery for a contemporary vibe.

Add textiles and layers as combining these two distinct materials, to design a contemporary, functional table setting.

Here is the ultimately expert tip for kitchen styling: Black plates make food look great, and perhaps a little luxurious.

  1. For a nature luxe feel to living spaces combine mist and gold

Combining nature and a little bling adds a touch of luxe to interior spaces. Use decorative but functional gold objects in your living areas to create a luxurious feel and combine this with cushions and throws in soft-mist tones.

For the ultimate living space styling tip: Less is more. Keep things simple, assemble a few of your favourite gold pieces to create a beautifully and stylish vignette.