Think You Know What Buyers Want? Identify Their Non-Negotiables

Each property and buyer is different, but most buyers across Australia require similar non-negotiables.

Some buyers might be prepared to bargain with regards to the size of bedrooms or forego an outdoor area, but universal “must-haves”, such as curb appeal, a second toilet, natural light, privacy and lots of storage provide a starting point for majority of home buyers and the professionals they hire to help them find property, like buyer’s agents.

Here are the five major “non-negotiables” buyers throughout Newcastle commonly demand, after considering important factors such as property type, price, location and general suitability.

  1. Good natural light

There are a number of reasons why good natural light is a must-have.

Natural light boosts the general pleasure you derive from the property, but it also affects your real well-being and the property’s health.  Sunlight kills bacteria and keeps moisture and mould away, making a house more enjoyable to live in and saving on maintenance costs.

  1. Privacy or the house is not unnoticed

Having privacy is always at the top of the wish lists of buyers, because you want to not only feel safe and comfortable in your home, but also outside of it, including in your courtyard or balcony.  Most buyers will rebuff a house that is completely overlooked, you can correct minor privacy issues, such as side-by-side balconies, by putting up screening or plantings.

  1. Curb appeal

There is a major correlation between having a beautiful façade and the attractiveness of a house. This means curb appeal is really important.  However, curb appeal doesn’t pause with the appearance of the one particular house, it is about the street – the whole streetscape.

Check whether there is a standard to the types and periods of the houses or there is a hotchpotch of various styles? Do you see beautiful trees? All these features affect the general appeal of a property.

  1. A second toilet

Even when looking for a two-bedroom apartment, people want two toilets.  For today’s buyers, a second toilet is typically a non-negotiable. In new builds particularly, it is considered a given, not a luxury anymore – whether it is an ensuite to the master’s bedroom or a separate toilet.  While it is ideal for a property to have two toilets already, building another can be clear-cut if buyers do their research before purchasing.  Study the layout and learn how it is connected with plumbing so you can determine whether it is simple or tough to add one.

  1. Storage

Any type of buyer, young or old, considers storage important. Provided that there is room to add storage, lack of shortage should not be a deal-breaker. It is rare to come across a person who will be dismayed by too much storage in a property.  These days, it shouldn’t be expensive to add storage. You can just go to Bunnings or IKEA and pick up something to your liking.