The Hottest Indoor Plant Trends in 2020

A new year accompanies a whole wave of new trends. Together with design and fashion, the growing popularity of plants means green thumbs have gained themselves a trend guide for 2020.

To come up with the first of such report in Australia, nine experts, 20 nursery owners and 1500 Australians were consulted by Plant Life Balance.

The report, which integrated 50 years of research about plants and human well-being from the University of Melbourne and RMIT, identifies six forecasted trends that offer awareness on the plant decisions of tomorrow for plant lovers throughout Australia.

One of those trends is longing for nature, attributed to combining the natural world into homes.

According to the report, interior designers are noticing plants making their way into the home in the form of colours like minty green and soft sage. Stylists are seeing plants as well as natural colours are a key feature of their work. Homeowners want plants everywhere – in the living room, kids’ bedrooms, etc.  Want some inspiration?  Have a look at this Indoor Plant Decor Pinterest board.

Another trend the report found is horticulture for health. It found that one in four people were driven to purchase plants for mindfulness – and in 2020, the use of gardening for mindfulness will become increasingly popular.

Furthermore, the report says that both active and passive types of gardening can play a big role in mental and physical health. The act of witnessing something grow can inspire optimism and creativity, and the tangible act of gardening can be very relaxing.  I know for myself this is very much the fact and I place high importance in making time to get into my own garden after working long hours.

In addition to interior design and well-being, here are the other four plant predictions for 2020:

  1. Low maintenance statements

Over the last 12 months, two in five Australians purchased a low-maintenance plant. The report says that 80% of nursery retailers enjoyed a rise in inquiries about easy maintenance plants, but disappointingly, Australians have succeeded in killing at least 70 million plants in the last year.  Perhaps a bromeliad is for you!

  1. An abode among the gum trees

One in four Australians are preferring native plants, evidence that the 1970s is making a return in the plant world. Retail nurseries have reported two times the number of enquiries in the last 12 months, while enquiries on hardy plants rose 70%.

  1. Truth and trust

In the last 12 months, the largest growth in spending seen by nursery retailers surveyed has been from 18 to 35 year olds, and this is believed to be mostly caused by social media. The popularity of the “plantfluencer” is very noticeable.  Check out my Pinterest ‘The Garden’ board  as well as Succulents.

  1. The hybrid store

Experts believe we will be hearing more of this sentence in 2020: “Would you like a plant with that?”