The Hottest Colour Trends for 2022

Life has not been the same since Covid-19 happened. But the one thing that remains unchanged, bringing joy and comfort during these most difficult times, is the magnificence of our landscape.

Then, it is no surprise that Dulux’s Colour Forecast 2022 got its inspiration from our natural surroundings, echoing our longing for a simple life and improving wellbeing through our ties to nature and other people.

This pandemic has helped us feel more connected than ever to our home. Simultaneously, there is a renewed longing and excitement for the future without the pandemic. Aptly, then, the pandemic helped shape the 2022 forecast, which consists of three main colour palettes: Restore, Flourish and Wonder.


Focusing on simplicity and sustainability, Restore comprises calming neutrals and sharper, natural shades ranging from buttercreams to pumice and moss.


Comprising ripe, bolder tones like dusty rose, petrol blue and desert red, Flourish stimulates our yearning to experience everything to the fullest.


Featuring summery and playful colours, including cornflower blue, lilac and lemon. Wonder brings regeneration and growth.

The colours can be used alone or combined with the other colours, adding tonal furnishings for a pleasant domain. Colours connect us to a space, giving it a different feel from other parts of the home by bringing a different mood or vibe.

If you are still unsure about adding colour to your space, start with the bedroom, whether it’s the master’s or your child’s bedroom, because outsiders will not see your creation. Since it’s private, you may do something as simple as painting the wall behind your bed with one colour to serve as a focal point of the room.

The study corner, which has probably become your home office, is another space where you can add colour, as it will distinguish the space from when you start work and when you end during each work day.

Another is the front door, where a beautiful colour will make a personal statement, setting apart your home from your neighbours.