The Basic Measurement Rules to Follow When Decorating your Home

Most people would just use a visual estimate when arranging furniture or hanging curtains. However, specific measurements for decorating should be followed to ensure that the space looks just right. Here are some general measurements you need to remember:

Coffee table distance – The distance between coffee tables and sofas should be at least 40cm.

Hanging art – Keep the art piece’s centre at eye level, which is normally 140cm from the floor. If there are several art pieces that need to be hanged, keep the centre of the entire arrangement at eye level. When it comes to hanging art above the sofa, the piece should be no more than 2/3 of the width of the sofa. Also, the distance between the art and the sofa should be 10-20cm.

Hanging curtains – Leave an overlap of 3-8cm on either side of the window. For height, install the curtain rods 10cm from above the window. If you want your windows to look wider, you can go beyond the 3-8cm standard. Or, you can go as far as 30cm on either side. If you want taller looking windows, you can break the 10cm standard, but don’t go beyond 20cm, or it would look awkward.

TV distance – The size of the TV will determine how far it should be from the sofa. The simplest rule to follow is: multiply the diagonal size of the TV by two. The number is the cm the TV should be from the sofa.

Three basic rules for rugs
All on – If you have a big rug, you can put all the legs of the furniture above it. However, there should be 30-45cm of floor surface on all four sides of the rug.

All off – If you have a small space, it is recommended to use a smaller rug, then leave all four feet of the furniture off. But don’t buy a very small rug because it would look insignificant, like an afterthought.

Front on – The rule that many designers follow is to just place the two front feet on the rug. It ties everything together and creates an appearance of openness.

Lastly, there is just caveat out of all these rules: don’t be scared of breaking them. Rules don’t always work, but they are useful as guide.