Simple Staging Ideas to Help Sell your House Fast

You might have decorated your home according to your taste, but the design you chose for your wallpaper might not suit other people. View your home through a buyer’s eyes, and make small changes to present it in the best light. 

Let’s take a look at these simple, cost-effective fixes that will improve your home.

  1. Create a welcoming front door. Prospective buyers drive by the property they are interested in before deciding to see its interior, so make sure the front door looks inviting.
  2. Get rid of clutter. Don’t display personal photos, knickknacks, boxes and other items that will steal the buyer’s focus on your house. People will not purchase a house if they can’t see the square footage, so declutter and clean it.

People assume there is not enough storage in the house if it’s cluttered. A general rule of thumb on how to determine whether something is clutter or not is “if you can’t sit on it, it’s not decoration, and you can’t eat it, it’s clutter.”

  1. Do a thorough cleaning of your house. Make the bathroom shine, wipe the windows down, and clean the kitchen appliances. Also clean under the sinks!
  2. Refresh your rooms. With a little paint, you can sell your home fast. Tip: use neutral colours for commonly used rooms. This will make them look clean and fresh.
  3. Set up your furniture to show off your home. Extra, unwanted furniture should be removed, and the rest of the pieces should be arranged in a manner that can help showcase a space and creates a major impact on buyers who are viewing it. To make a space look larger, push the furniture away from the wall as this will let people see the perimeter of the space and creates the illusion of a bigger space.

       6.  Minimise odours. People will recall smells upon entering the door. Make an effort to eliminate odours that are caused by pets, smoking and cooking. 

  1. Do the needed repairs. Check around your home using a buyer’s perspective to decide if you need to oil the door and windows hinges, repair loose handrails, etc.

Postponing maintenance – for instance, big cracks in your sidewalks along the way to your door – are considered red flags to buyers. It is less expensive to repair it than buyers demanding to deduct the cost from their asking price. Do your calculations and carry out the repairs. 

  1. Replace old light fixtures. The single, outdated overhead fixtures in your home can be replaced by wall sconces, recessed lighting or pendant lights to give your home a more modern look.
  2. Carpets should look fresh and clean. If your carpet is not completely worn, you can avoid replacing it before you sell. Buyers usually prefer to install their own new carpet or choose hardwood floors.