Selling your Home? Get your Property Appraisal Ready

The first thing you need to do when you’re selling your home is to determine the value of your home through a professional property appraisal. Having an accurate estimate on your property’s worth will ensure that you get the best possible price, while also helping price your home competitively enough to draw in prospective buyers.

Face to face meetings with local agents are less common and more phone and video appointments are now more acceptable due to the changes brought about by Covid-19. This means an appraisal is possible even if you don’t want to meet anyone face-to-face at any time during the process.

There are some helpful things you can do to prepare for a property appraisal.  Should you not be in a position to prepare your home for the appraisal, know that your agent will likely discuss these points. 

Spruce up your home

Making sure your home is neat and clean on the day of the appraisal will help your agent gauge your ability to present your home and its features in the best possible light when it really counts.

Aside from the regular tidying up, do some more things like shampooing the carpet, washing the walls, and decluttering the rooms.

Boost curb appeal

The first thing you see when you come home is your front yard. You might already be used to how your yard looks, but it’s essential to look at it from a fresh perspective. Do you see a clump of weeds? Is there a broken picket on the fence? You can easily repair these minor issues. Though minor, they can significantly impact your home’s overall presentation.

If you still need to be convinced, consider that homes with beautiful curb appeal are more likely to get better value estimates, so improving your home’s curb appeal is worth it.

Have a list of repairs and renovations

Buyers prefer a home that is well looked after, so any new improvement will show up as a plus on your property appraisal. Inform your agent about any repairs or improvements you’ve done or intend to do, whether a new deck, new carpet or kitchen or bathroom upgrades. They will include these when estimating the value of your home.

Don’t forget the basics

It’s easy to focus on major projects when preparing to sell, like modernising your kitchen or putting new paint on your living room walls because these are the things you can see easily. But when a real estate agent visits your home, they will be checking the things that you can’t see too like sunken piers or leaking pipes.  If not attended to or taken into consideration, these items could influence the estimated value of your home and what it will ultimately sell for.

Don’t worry

Preparing your property for inspection may sound daunting, but don’t stress over it. Your real estate agent is there to offer tips and guidance on how to show your property in a positive light and get the highest possible price for your property. If you have a question, don’t hesitate to call and ask your selling agent.

And remember, that all property appraisals are free of charge and will only cost you your time.  They will deliver a wealth of usable information too, so book yours today.