Reduce Time on the Market by Hiring a Prestige Stylist

A part of the prestige property market that is truly thriving is professional styling for sale, which says that it can cut a maximum of four weeks off a property’s time on a weakening market and boost its price by up to 20%.

In 2018, houses in Newcastle take an average of 273 days before selling and the average time for a unit to sell is 42 days. (

This makes good styling vital in order to cut the time it takes to sell and to increase the sale price.

A lot of sellers are styling their homes now with the help of property stylists. However, you have to pick the right style for your market, your home, your personal taste and what you are aiming for. Property stylists say that for each dollar you invest in styling, the return is $2.

Actual costs

The costs of property styling vary by capital state. Owners in Melbourne and Sydney will usually pay top dollar for property styling. In comparison, property styling services in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth usually cost 10 to 15% less. 

The actual styling can cost between $4000 to $6000 for a four-bedroom home in Newcastle, but most stylists are happy to leave out some bedrooms or work with you to save a few more dollars.

There is no fixed price for property styling services, regardless of where you live, because property styling is customised based on the homeowner’s individual requirements. What you can do is compare quotes from several local property stylists so you can determine a ballpark figure.

However, it is probably for the best not to think of property styling as a cost, but rather as an investment. Your home is most likely the most valuable asset you own, so you should try to get the highest possible price for it.

Home staging in a tight market

When the market is tight, when people are so busy they are scrambling for time, it is important stylists show prospective buyers the possible ways they can live in a house. In the age of social media, there are lots of content on transforming property, with peopling craving the wow factor one can derive from new tiles, a new room flow or even an interesting painting hanged in an unexpected area. 

Property styling for multi-million dollar homes

For high end properties, such as those in the multi millions, people want all the works. Prospective buyers want an experience in the property, so often agents would arrange a cocktail party or an event to present a home and create added drama. It is customary to go the extra mile for elite homes.

Additionally, an art consultant is hired to handle the hiring and installation of special artworks from galleries for added gloss. Beautiful artworks can make a huge impact, can make your home look stunning, and can always lure people’s eyes away from sights that they might not want people to see.

However, the reality is, there are many people who are unable to imagine how great a house could possibly be, and in a weak market it is even more essential to make them see this.

Where to now

If you are still unsure as to the right style for your buyers, your home, your personal taste and what you are aiming for, then contact Annette Pinkerton of One Agency Pinkerton Properties and get started with some fresh and exciting ideas.