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New 4% Property Tax on Foreign Home buyers in NSW

Foreigners buying property in Newcastle will now be required to pay a new property tax as New South Wales becomes the second Australian state to implement such tax as surging demand Chinese investors drives home prices to record levels. NSW, the most populous state in Australia, has enforced a 4% stamp duty surcharge that came […]

Tips on Choosing the Right Material for your Deck

An outdoor deck allows you to enjoy various outdoor activities to the fullest, from reading outside with the sun shining brightly or hosting a BBQ or alfresco dinner party with your friends. Aside from giving you easy access to your outdoor space, a fabulous desk will also add great value to your property when it […]

How to – decorate with indoor plants

Decorating Your Home With Indoor Plants Making your house more beautiful with houseplants is, as per ancient Chinese philosophy, great Feng Shui.   If applied well, plants can create a calming home environment, expand the oxygen levels and enhance your household not only aesthetically, but also creating a relaxing and stress free environment.Imagine a new house […]

How to – Getting Rid of Mould and Mildew

You can find mould growing in almost any surface in your home, and it’s not easy to get rid of it. These black, brown or green microscopic fungi can grow in any area that is damp, warm or humid. On the other hand, mildew, technically a species of mould, is easily identified by its strong […]

Tips for Blending Vintage Pieces in a Modern Home

Some people may think that vintage and modern will not work in a home. But it can and it does. Vintage designing and pieces has always been popular. But now, more and more people are recognising the way it can create depth and infuse a unique vibe into a room. Vintage doesn’t mean out of […]

Staging – It’s all about position & location!

–The real estate mantra “Location, location, location,” doesn’t only apply to the property itself it can also be used to ensure an effective home staging. How pieces of furniture and accessories are placed can easily make a room beautiful, appealing and elegant or downright dull, uncomfortable and even ugly. It could also greatly affect the outcome of a […]

A Baby’s Arrival Means It’s Time to Move

The arrival of a baby is a momentous event in a young couple’s life. Aside from the couple making significant changes to their daily routine, they may also need to think about moving to a larger space. A one-bedroom apartment or house maybe fine for the couple for now whilst the baby is still small, […]

Tips to Create a Successful Garden

If you have just purchased a house, have recently moved into new premises, or just want to update the look of your front yard, don’t hesitate to launch a landscaping project. The idea may seem daunting too contemplate, but it is not. Whether you want to go the DIY route or plan to enlist the […]

A Simple Guide to Accessorising with Cushions

A Simple Guide to Accessorising with Cushions A bedroom or a living room can achieve an instant makeover by adding a group of decorative cushions or luxurious throw. But serious thought should still be given on which cushions to buy and their placement on a bed or sofa. When it comes to decorating with cushions […]

How to: Tips to Create a Great First Impressions for your House Exteriors

We We’ve heard of the saying “First impression last.” In seconds, people can form lasting impressions of another person’s character and personality. This saying can also be true to the exterior of your home.  With just a glance, people can spot what is wrong with the exterior of your home. Nothing should be left to chance […]