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10 Ways to Create Shade in Your Backyard

Summers are best spent outdoors. But it has to be a place where you can relax and eat comfortably. This can be achieved with shade. Adding shade in your outdoor space will keep direct sunlight away from you and your fragile plants, as well as keep them cool. Here are 10 ways you can create […]

Newsletter January 2022, Issue No. 1

Newsletter January 2022, Issue No. 1

What is a property appraisal?

Ever wondered what a property appraisal is? Why online calculators to determine the value of your home don’t really work? And also, why a Real Estate Agent can’t always provide you with an appraisal on the spot. Understanding the process of how your property’s worth in the current market is determined is important. A property appraisal is […]

5 Things to Consider When Rightsizing

Rightsizing is replacing upgrading and downsizing as the hottest trend in lifestyle change. Home buyers are trading big, high-maintenance homes for spacious high-end apartments. Experts share the 5 essential things you need to consider when rightsizing your property. Your Spending Power Having equity, and plenty of it, is a big advantage when rightsizing. You can […]

The Hottest Colour Trends for 2022

Life has not been the same since Covid-19 happened. But the one thing that remains unchanged, bringing joy and comfort during these most difficult times, is the magnificence of our landscape. Then, it is no surprise that Dulux’s Colour Forecast 2022 got its inspiration from our natural surroundings, echoing our longing for a simple life […]

6 Tips to Attract the Right Tenants

House affordability continues to be an issue in Australia, forcing many people into rentvesting. This is when people rent their dream home while they either purchase in another area or save to purchase a place eventually. For those who are seeking to make some roots in a particular location, making your property a dream will […]

What Sellers Need to Know About Auctions

Auctions, in real life, are not that complicated but it’s important for sellers to understand everything about this popular sale method. Here are some tips for sellers on auction day: Before auction day Planning your strategy requires work. Here are the things that will happen before the auction. The marketing campaign A marketing campaign usually […]

Common Fears When Investing in Property and How to Overcome Them

Real estate agents help identify and solve their client’s worries about the property market. Here are the top 5 common fears that are holding back buyers. Fear of paying too much Many buyers feel that they are navigating the property investment market blind because of the lack of accurate price guides and the usual method […]

Why Use a Real Estate Agent? Here Are the Reasons Why

Today, a wealth of real estate information is right at our fingertips.   It is easier now to access property information using technology leading us to data, expert opinions and investment advice – resources that can help us make the right decision over buying or selling property.   There is also a rise in disruptive […]

Settling market as more properties list and buyer FOMO eases

The market has definitely settled down, without a doubt.  Buyers are frustrated and exhausted, plus there’s been a natural weakening in the marketplace as more homes are listed in recent weeks. But a warning to buyers hoping to pick up a bargain in the near future, you might have to think about buying sooner as […]