Quick Tips for Selling in Spring

Fondly known as the silly season of the property market, spring is about to get serious with competition warming up, which means more homes are available for buyers and sellers.

Here are tips for sellers to attract more prospective buyers to their property:

1. How your property is presented is important. What you need to do to make a good first impression is to declutter your house. Experts advise moving your possessions out of your home before listing it. Without your personal possessions in sight, buyers can better envision themselves living in your home and feel an emotional connection to it.

2. Know what you’re up against. For example, if you find out that your competition has an amazing kitchen, it’s probably smart to evaluate your kitchen. Also, don’t list your home until you have researched what other properties are on the market and what has recently sold in your area.

3. Outdoor space is one of the important features of selling property during spring. Experts recommend getting your landscaping in shape by pulling out weeds, mowing the lawn and planting some flowers to add colour to your surroundings. A dash of new colour is an expensive way to rejuvenate your property’s curbside appeal.

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