Property Sellers are Attracting Buyers Using their Dogs

Using professional photography to highlight the outstanding features of a property for sale has greatly evolved.

Novel and evolving techniques are continually being utilized, from scenic angles of water views to zoomed in snaps of a beautifully designed nook in a big space.

However, one of the most recent techniques that agents and photographers have been changing things up is by including life to the photos – in the form of the beloved family pet.

Dogs, the favorite companion of Australians, popping up in property photos is growing in popularity. And while seeing an adorable photo of a dog has people singing praises for the animal itself, experts think the idea brings more appeal to the sales campaign.

Agents don’t use this technique often but a dog in the pictures does help catch the attention of buyers and draw them to the home.

It creates a welcoming feeling, which is no surprise because plenty of people keep pets nowadays. On average, one in every three buyers has a pet, with a large number being dogs. It also shows buyers that someone loved living in that home.

When buyers see a pup in the pictures, they already know that the property has a dog-friendly yard. Buyers don’t need to ask if the yard suits their pets.

One of the most searched words for rent was “pet-friendly” and it is rising in popularity with owner-occupiers.

For buyers, this feature is as popular as water or ocean views or a courtyard.

Many properties for sale have successfully been sold because of dogs in photos. The properties feel welcoming to buyers and they immediately know that it is a family-orientated home.