Property Council of Australia: Women Make Up for What They Lack in Super by Investing in Property

An analysis of the latest Australian Tax Office statistics by the Property Council of Australia has revealed that 47% of Australians who own an investment property consist of women.

The findings imply that women are investing in property to build wealth in addition to superannuation. With investment properties, women can depend on the profits from asset growth even when they are no longer employed.

According to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, women still seem keen on buying investment property despite the fact they continue to earn less than men (28.7% less in ASX 200 organisations and 16% less across all companies and occupations).

Of the people who earn less than $80,000 and negatively gear their investment properties, 55% are women compared to 45% of men earning the same figures.

Previously the numbers were reverse. Today, an increasing number of women are investing and becoming more proactive and ingenious when it comes to their financial situation and capitalising on property to guarantee their financial future.

The research found that 15.2% of Australian women taxpayers are owners of an investment apartment or house, just a little below the 15.7% of males who own one or more.

Also, the percentage of women who negatively gear their purchase is 45% versus 55% of men. However, the men claim a larger portion in those deductions – an average of $9904 compared to $7253 by women. This is perhaps due to the gender pay gap as women tend to not take out a loan as much and have a diverse risk assessment from lending institutions.

Over the last five to 10 years, more and more women are investing in property. Today, the opportunities to earn income to finance investments are equal for both men and women, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see a larger proportion of women investing in property. In addition, women are staying single longer and wanting to be more self-sufficient.

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