Make Your Room Look Expensive with These 6 Ideas

When it comes to elevating the interiors of your home, the simplest approach for this is to use rich finishes and textures that will immediately bring a little wow-factor to any space.

From a touch of brass or copper, or tactile textures like velvets and linen, you don’t need to buy big-ticket items to bring a bit of beauty and appeal to your home.

Draw attention to statement pieces and artwork by making thoughtful vignettes on your display surfaces, and purchase sculptural relics that can start conversations.

Here are six budget-friendly ideas to elevate your home interior.

  1. Make a feature wall using wallpaper

A charming design can play a big role in elevating a neutral palette and add soul to a room. On an entire or small section of a wall, place a design that appeals to you factoring in the vibe that you want to communicate. For example, for an airy, open-plan space the perfection choice is a monochromatic ‘New Contemporary Two Woods” wallpaper from Cole & Son.

  1. Hang a Large Framed Artwork

A bland space can easily turn stunning with a beautiful print or painting. For example, an Ubabub Sundae framed print not only revitalises a space it also serves as a main focus at the base of the dining table.

  1. Roll out a rug

A rug can help bring a room together, resulting in a well thought-out space. You don’t need to go bold or colourful to create an impact, just lay out a simple rug to bring instant elegance.

  1. Bunch a group of pendant lights

Whether they are installed in a row or a cluster placed at different heights, pendant lights on top of the dining table, kitchen bench or in the bedroom bring drama and an elegant vibe to a room.

  1. Adorn your windows

Not having quality window dressings can harm what would otherwise be a beautiful space. Dressing your windows is essential if you want your room to look perfectly elegant.

  1. Add a bit of charm

A space can instantly look more luxurious with a side table or lamp in copper brass. An understated example for this concept is accessories like a tray or candle holder to add a metallic touch.

For more inspirational and value adding ideas, ask Annette to visit your home!