Looking to sell in the near future?

Preparation can be a wise move

Homeowners who neglect their homes and then need to sell at short notice often encounter problems because the property simply isn’t ready for sale.It’s important to keep your home in top condition, including regular garden clean ups. You don’t want to be bogged down with gardening when you need to sell. Equally, it’s important to keep up with regular maintenance on your home. Do annual inspections on the roof and gutters to ensure problems can be fixed in reasonable time.It also pays to regularly inspect the hot water system and air-conditioners to anticipate any faults or repairs that might be uncovered during an inspection. It’s much easier and cheaper to do regular maintenance on your home than last minute emergency work.Annual termite inspections on relevant properties are also important. It’s surprising how many sales are interrupted by the discovery of white ants. This can delay a settlement and result in extra costs to the seller to supply termite treatment. 

You should also be thinking about how exactly you will sell your home? The most effective way is to use the services of a competent, licensed real estate agent with a good knowledge of your local area. Local agents know the market and meet with prospective homebuyers often. Talk to agents about the best strategy to sell your home and a realistic timeframe for this.

It’s critical in the current and changed market with its price corrections occurring all over the place, that you fix a realistic selling price. It’s important to listen to your agent about setting the right price, and also if he or she suggests you modify the price after a few weeks if potential buyers have shown little or no interest.

Talking to your financier about home loan options can also be worthwhile. It might be the case that your existing home loan can be refinanced to include extra funds to buy your next home. It also pays to have pre-approved finance up your sleeve to free up valuable time for when you do eventually sell. 

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