Kitchen Appliances to Keep and to Discard

Before going to the store to purchase kitchen appliances, here is what experts say are the items that you need and don’t need.

Most people lead busy lives, which makes it important to keep the food they prepare and the appliances they use simple and easy.

Must-have kitchen appliances

Food processor – this is a good investment as it is durable and has many uses including for blending, grinding and puree-ing many things.

Slow and all-in-one cookers – this versatile, affordable and efficient product becomes a necessity during winter when it’s too cold and the day is short. There are so many foods you can make using a slow-cooker, including soups, stews, stock, and even cakes.

But if you don’t like too many appliances cluttering your kitchen, buy an all-in-one cooker that functions as a slow cooker and also as a pressure cooker and multi cooker.

Good knives – Knives are technically not an appliance, but a kitchen would not be complete without of good set of knives. Japan is famous for its forged steel knife. Many chefs attest to its sharpness and durability. One chef said that his knives are still as sharp as a razor six months after he received it as a gift.

What you can do without

High-speed blenders – there are other kitchen appliances that can do the job of a high-speed blender. Some chefs consider it over-rated. It can macerate food quickly, but its high cost and the loud noise it emits are not worth it. As an alternative, get a food processor, which can do just about anything a blender can and more.

Panini press – this appliance is good for making toasted sandwich and nothing else. It’s bulky and if you don’t use it often enough, it would only be taking up space in the kitchen. In place of a Panini press, get a George Foreman grill. You can use it to toast sandwich as well grill meat.

Popcorn maker – This appliance sounds great for the kids, but does it get used regularly? Avoid regretting over investing on a popcorn make by using the tried and tested way of making popcorn in the microwave or in a pot on a stove.


Bread maker – It’s not a great idea to buy a bread maker if you’re not baking bread regularly. You can look up bread recipes online that don’t need a specific appliance to make.

Juicer – Juicers are large and not easy to clean that a lot of them end up collecting cobwebs at the back of the kitchen cabinet.