Interior Design Tips for Spring

Spring is here. The sun is up longer, the temp is becoming hotter, temperas are getting brighter – start redesigning your home to complement your renewed outlook on life.

So, what’s popular? And how do you get the vibe you want in a cost-effective way. Here are six design tips for restyling your home and bringing an uplifting feel to match your mood.

  1. Channel your inner “Marie Kondo”

Spring boosts your mind and body. So if something in your home doesn’t spark joy, maybe they should be out for this season.

Check out every room – bedroom to kitchen, kitchen to living area – look in detail at everything from the furniture to rugs, artwork, knick-knacks and towels. It’s time to discard them or store them, especially if they no longer bring you joy.

  1. Don’t be afraid of change

At this stage, you should only see things that give off an invigorating vibe. Now, search for new ways to fall in love once again.

Look at every room in your home from various perspectives. This will allow you to think about how switching up objects or re-pairing items from other rooms can create new energy.

Will putting the sofa to a different location in your living area help you view your home in a new way? Even minor adjustments like moving the rugs to different areas can reinvigorate a space.

  1. Up-cycle furniture

What is an enjoyable, sustainable project that lets you save money and more importantly, helps in reducing landfill waste? Yes, it is up-cycling! It generally involves transforming unused, pre-loved furniture and materials into something fresh. Imagine a picnic bench sawed in two and installed on the wall to create a useful workstation, or giving an old wooden ladder a fresh coat of paint and turning it into a carefully curated bookshelf.

Here are some tips if you are new to up-cycling:

  • Begin with wood furniture. Working on wood is pretty simple. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can move to the next level, like resurfacing iron vintage bathtubs.
  • Give your old furniture a new, contemporary look using Annie Sloan chalkboard. (Don’t hesitate about experimenting with colours.)
  • Use tools that you are comfortable with. Some people prefer traditional tools such as sandpaper and manual hand drills, while others spend on the latest power tools.
  • Enjoy – up-cycling is all about trying out new things.
  • Check out my Pinterest Page for inspiration
  1. Switch to your heart’s content

Seasons change. So when designing your home, consider purchasing two sets of items in varying mood styles that you can change over when it’s summer and the sun is out to bring a brighter atmosphere.

Spring this Year:

  • White or pale pink hand towels
  • Throw blankets made of cotton or linen
  • Natural textures like jute
  • Inspiring artwork that stresses growth and renewal

Winter next Year:

  • Thick, comfortable hand towels
  • Heavy imitation fur throws
  • Cable knit blankets
  • Darker, moody artworks
  1. Green landscape

Colourful blooms come to mind when you think of spring, so there’s no reason not to bring them inside. One of the simplest ways to breathe life into your home’s new season décor is with fresh flowers.

Some of the popular spring flowers include King Protea, Peony, Scabiosa Flower, Brunia, Kangaroo Paws and Geraldton Wax. Organise them in a beautiful dining table centrepiece to create a cheerful explosion of colour in your home.  Here are some more inspiration at my Pinterest Page.

  1. Use colours all around you

More than a season, spring is a feeling. When decorating, use colours that create the vibe you want to feel at home.

Cool tones combined with light neutrals bring a breezy mood. Crisp white is simple and classic, letting light bounce inside your home so you can softly layer hues. To achieve a brighter atmosphere, use tropical colours such as fuchsia pink and tangerine orange.  Check out some other Colour Combinations here!