Inspired Designs for Decorating Walls using Memorable Photos

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A photograph can tell many stories. If you would like others to know the stories behind your memorable photos, present them in such a way to attract the eyes. How much interest a photo can garner will be determined by the composition, colour, angle of the picture, as well as the manner it is displayed.

Indeed, creativity is needed when displaying photographs. For example, framed photos in similar sizes can be laid out on the wall behind the sofa. Add a touch of bright colour to give it a cheerful look. Another example is placing a photo frame on the nook of the sofa. You can turn the light above it on to bring out a romantic feel.

You can place three photo frames to make the corner of a bar table look beautiful. Or you can use a glass cabinet to display adorable photos of your children. Make it nicer by adding a white vase or the kids’ photo album.

Here are some tips to arrange your frames of photograph inside your home:

  • Put photo frames in a place that is not exposed directly to sunlight.
  • Use a slightly damp cloth to clean the frame.
  • Don’t pile the photo frames to prevent damage.

Creative ways to lay out photo frames:
Gather all your photographs and assemble them based on themes, such as wedding photos, holidays or old family trips. Pick your most favourite photo from each group. From those favourite photos, you can make a fascinating arrangement of photos that tells a story.

More tips

  • You can display two of three photographs you have with your significant other with the same pose but in varying locations.
  • You can also display you and your partner’s childhood photo of the same size, and they will look attractive displayed side by side.
  • If you an extensive collection of photographs, you can combine one with the other groups, and create an interesting and lovely impression.

There are so many ideas for home decorations available to you. Aside from photos, there are many other things around your house that you can use, like cushions, mirrors, flowers, etc., to enhance your home decorations.