How to Style with Cushions

Cushions seems like the easiest element to use when trying to achieve a new look for your home interiors. However, there are certain important things to keep when in mind when choosing the cushions for your use.

Size and shape: Mix cushions of different shapes and sizes to add depth to your lounge. Using different shapes, like putting squares with rectangular cushions, creates a more lived-in look, but still appearing stylish. If you use the same sizes, your interior could make the interior look formal.

Take note not to use too many cushions: Use common sense to make sure there is still room on your lounge for you to sit.

Colour and pattern: If you’re still unsure about using bright colours on a large scale in your home, try adding a splash of colour using cushions. If a room has a plural pattern, use one of the colours on it, and choose a simple block colour cushion. Changing the colour you’ve chosen once again revitalises the space, and the floral is seen in a different way as the eye is pulled to the freshly accentuated colour within the pattern. Another way to refresh your space is to mix patterns and textures.

Staying on trend: Trends never last long, but keeping a space new and always updated can be done without fuss with cushions. If you want to integrate a seasonal colour, use varying tones of the same colour. Do the same for decorator pieces in the same space – stay away from the same colours in all pieces, or see the effect disappear.

Establish the tone: You can set the mood for a space by your choice of colours and details. For instance, choosing blue and green tones with self-piping produces a quiet yet classy look. The understated tone variation lets you add shade without being too vibrant as the tranquil colours don’t overcome the senses.

Fabrics choice: If you want a luxurious look without spending full-on bling, pick materials with sheen like velvet or silk. In addition to creating a luxurious feel, these materials bring the urge to touch. This creates a more comfortable and inviting vibe. Want a more casual ambiance? Use heavy weaves, cottons and linens. These materials are suitable for everyday use, and the copycat linens or blends are hard-wearing and more adaptable, particularly when you don’t want too be too fussy with them.

Inners: Feather is the ideal inners for cushions, as you can easily sink into them and they conform to the shape of your body. You can split them on top to make them appear softer when put on the bed or lounge. You can create a sense of refinement with this small added element.

Poly inners: Are great if you need cushions to stand up straight. But if you have a leather lounge, cushions with poly inners will slide onto the floor. On a positive note, they need less fluffing, making them more low maintenance.

Have your own made: If you’re finding it hard to get the right size, shape, colour, finish or pattern, have one custom made. You have the liberty to pick the fabric and size you like. A local sewer can make beautiful combinations of fabric, colours, patterns, etc. according to your personal specifications. You don’t need to have the same cushions as everyone else, if that is your wish.

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