Hottest Kitchen Design Trends for 2018

Your feelings about a house can change in an instant upon glimpsing a well-designed, beautiful kitchen, as this is a home’s heart and soul and where a family spends a significant part of their day.

We have gathered trends and function tips from experts to help you create a fine-looking kitchen for 2018.

  1. Colour and texture

The classic, all-white look is out, same as gloss cabinetry. This is good news because both are very difficult to keep clean. The trend that is rising in popularity as an alternative to the all-white look is matte finishes, warm greys, timber and all shades of grey, green and olive. Rather than sparkling and white, the kitchen of 2018 is stylish and mature.

  1. Terrazzo and marble

The versatile and durable terrazzo will be a big kitchen trend this year. This material is now increasingly being used in poured floors, floor tiles, splashbacks and cast sinks.

Meanwhile, marble benchtops and splashbacks remain bang on trend. A style of marble, Silver Galaxy, is a intense but fairly cool stone that brings elegance to kitchen benchtops and splashbacks.

  1. Splashback versus tiles

Simple splashbacks are competing against wall tile this season. As a result, there are many options and styles that people can choose from.

The biggest trend for splashbacks currently is to put in the stone benchtop up the wall, creating a clean and stylish vibe.  Mirror splashbacks are also good additions to tiny areas. If you’re using a stone benchtop but not putting it up as the splashback, put in a lip. If installing a subway tile, pile them up rather than bricklaying, and use white grout. This year, square tiles are also in.

  1. Storage never go out of style

Smart storage options can help even tiny kitchens. It is important for a kitchen to have storage. Make sure you identify what needs to be stored in your kitchen, such as drawer for pots and pans, plastic containers, etc. Make sure that every item in your kitchen has a place then come up with a place and cross-reference it with your list.

  1. Open shelving for display

Smart storage is important but modern kitchens are also a design feature so why not try mixing up wall cabinets with display shelving. Cabinets tend to clutter up the wall. But open shelving makes a space look bigger. Showcase your beautiful ceramic tableware or just stach your white dinner plates and make a feature from the stuffs you utilise regularly.

  1. Don’t forget the details

If you’re not renovating the entire kitchen or just want to give it a fresh look, consider upgrading some of the finer details such as brass hardware, rangehoods and tapware. You can find unique range of styles and finishes for these items. A little update on these items can instantly bring your kitchen back to life.

If you are considering a renovation or update in 2018, bear this in mind: It’s good to add the latest trends to your interior décor, but it’s also good to pick finishes that match your home. Choose what you love – and you won’t be disappointed.