Home Renovations: Unforeseen Costs

As depicted in the video above,
 a survey conducted by realestate.com.au found that most people had difficulty staying to a budget when renovating their home.

There are many renovation expenses that homeowners have to deal with and one of them is for unforeseen costs.

According to 24% of respondents their budget went over due to unforeseen issues such as asbestos removal.

A significant number of houses built in the 1970’s will have asbestos. So, many homeowners thinking of renovating must include the cost of removing this dangerous material in their budget.

A professional builder will be able to identify signs of asbestos fibre, such as hairline cracks in the walls. However, these signs might be overlooked by DIY-ers.  So never forgo a building inspection.

Creating structural problems when people want to remove walls, particularly walls that support the ceiling, is another common issue novice renovators come across. A big trend in homes these days is the open-plan living. This entails removing walls, but sometimes people don’t factor in that the wall is load bearing. If you remove load-bearing walls, you will need to install reinforcements before the removal so that the ceiling won’t collapse.

Another common issue is incorrect measurements for kitchen renovations.  Especially when the walls are not straight and ‘packing’ may be required which then pushes the cabinetry beyond the allocated space resulting in a kitchen that doesn’t fit and in need of modification.

It is also important to have the correct measurements when it comes to your furniture and décor. Inexperienced renovators may end up finding that their oversized furniture no longer fits the space and new furniture needs to be purchased adding to unforeseen costs.

Again, here is where planning is vital.