Five Tasks that People Should Not DIY When Preparing their Home for Sale

You have to prepare your home if you are planning to sell it. However, it terms of getting the best price possible, going the DIY route may not always be the ideal choice, even if you can save yourself a lot of money.

It is easy for buyers to notice sloppiness, laziness and poorly made finishes. A shoddy renovation creates a sense that the house has flaws that are being hidden, and buyers may speculate what other things are wrong with the house.

Without achieving a professional result from any hasty repairs you plan to do, the best course maybe to stop immediately and call in the experts.

Contingent on your handyman skills, here are some tasks that you either action or delegate:


  1. Cleaning

Your house should be spotless throughout during open inspections. Kitchens and bathrooms are considered as the most essential spaces to draw in buyers, so these spaces should be paid particular attention. This means a thorough cleaning beneath the sink, behind the loo, and inside the oven plus regular surface cleaning.

What is worse than dirty windows? Streaky windows. Carpets look new and fresh with a steam cleaning rather than just vacuuming.

All interior tasks will require time and effort, but you’re not finished there. You have to also tend to the outside like the paths, eaves and fences.

Professional cleaners can do the job in a fraction of the time it will take you to complete it. They have the training, experience and equipment to complete a task fast and well, including steam cleaners, pressure washers, pole-extended window cleaning devices for hard-to-reach windows, etc.


  1. Painting

The rule of thumb when it comes to painting is: use neutral colours to attract as many buyers as possible. Painting is an easy enough project, right?

However, how many have failed at this ostensibly simple job because they are not quite adept at cutting in to achieve that sharp finish around architraves and crown mouldings? Or worse, attempted to paint over dark walls but after numerous layers you feel like that original colour is still not completely covered?

Many tricks and techniques are used to achieve the perfect paint finish. Painters have the gear, skills and can complete the task fast, and you can guarantee that the result will present the house in the best way possible.

The paint that painters use are bought at a discount, so while you have to pay for the services of the paint, you can save a few dollars on the paint itself.


  1. Gardening

A house can become instantly appealing with indoor-outdoor living, but can become a tangle of weeds and shrubs creating an impression of disrepair and hard work for the new owners.

Outdoor spaces should be made to look as big as possible. While you can slash the bushes and chop some tree limbs, do you have real skills to do it?

Each species of tree and shrub has a distinct way of growing. If they are not pruned right, they could grow spiky branches with no foliage, or a bare lawn that will not regrow in time for the open houses.

Expert gardeners have the know-how to prune plants so that they continue to be healthy and looking beautiful. They can also give advice on how to quickly make over your garden to boost its appeal, like plant in a certain moist dark area or what will survive in a dried-up flower bed in the hot sun.


  1. Electrical and plumbing task

Is there a blockage in the kitchen sink? Are you smelling something weird from the laundry drain? Is a sunken ceiling light flashing irregularly that it is giving you a migraine?

Maybe it is easy enough for you to do some tasks like changing a light bulb or using a drain cleaner. But it is never a good idea to hide plumbing and electrical issues, because a pre-purchase inspection will reveal the problems and buyers will either realise unwelcome future additional costs, or will attempt to use the issues to lower the agreed purchase price of your home.

Plumbing and electrical work must be done by a licensed tradesman, so don’t even think about doing the job yourself.


  1. Styling

We watch amazing home makeovers on the tv and think that we can do the same thing easily.

In real life, it’s not so easy to look at your own house and see “what could be.” DIY styling could involve dragging old furniture out and entirely replacing it indefinitely for show but there are stylists and furniture-hire services that specialise in home staging furniture for a fraction of the cost.

It is the business of home stylists to identify what will attract buyers and they have industry connections where they can source inspiring furniture and accessories to create an appealing look. You can avoid so much of your time and effort by hiring an expert.