Etiquette in Open House for Sellers

It is important to remember that buyers have to build an emotional connection with a property to truly consider purchasing it. So sellers should exert all efforts to make the process hassle-free as much as possible.

Some of the things you can do are clean, remove your pets temporarily, and keep personal belongings away. You should also avoid doing certain behaviours.

Check out below for a few open house etiquette for sellers:

Before an open inspection:

Focus on the “three Ps” before the date of the open inspection – price, presentation and attracting the right people.

There are, however, a different set of rules on the day of the open inspection.

      1. Remove animals

There shouldn’t be pets or animals present during an open inspection. Banish them and clean up their mess.

Some people don’t like cats and dogs, and it can turn off those who might have an allergy, enter the house, take a whiff of a dog or cat, and begin sneezing non-stop immediately.

  1. Get rid of your personality in your property

Prospective buyers need to be able to see themselves living in the home for sale, and too much personal belongings can make this difficult.

Experts recommend “de-personalising” the property by doing things such as removing family photos off the mantle and taking down any polarising artwork.

  1. Bring in plants

Many sellers fail to realise the influence of greenery in bringing in warmth and appeal to a home. Experts recommend using floral arrangements, large chic plants, newly planted garden beds to create a fresh and inviting atmosphere to a home.

  1. Keep up appearances

On open inspection, the property should look exactly as advertised in marketing materials. When you’re residing in the home while it is for sale, don’t forget that it must look the way that you would expect a hotel room to look like after the cleaning staff has been through it. The most effective way to attain this look is to hire a cleaning service between open homes.


Things you shouldn’t do at an open home

Here are a few things that sellers should not do during an open house:

  1. Linger in the home or send dispatch spies

Sellers loitering around during an open house or sending in people to spy on prospective buyers is not okay. Agents don’t want sellers when they are showing the property simply because they want buyers to feel like they are in the home on their own terms.

The situation is similar to a retail store assistant following wherever a customer goes. A seller following a buyer around could be a lot worse.

  1. Bother the agent

Sellers should let their agent do their job for the duration of the open house. A huge part of an agent’s job these days is to facilitate open houses to get as many prospective buyers to attend as possible, and sellers should maximise that.

  1. Let junior staff take the lead

Sellers should assert that the lead agent be there during open houses, not the junior staff. There are agencies that let junior agents man the front door, take names and numbers with the tablet. But they are often clueless on the important details, like the land size, the date when the owners purchased the property, or the reasons they are selling.

Conservations of that nature with prospective buyers could make or break a deal, so the lead agent should be present for that.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but if car parking is available, leave the slot for would-be buyers when holding an open house.

A buyer’s open inspection experience in general should comprise of minor things like having parking available and the manner they step inside the home, so it is common sense to simplify all things, to make the experience as pleasant and optimistic as possible.