Eliminating your Mortgage: Yes you can!


Home ownership is a wonderful thing – there is nothing like having something that is ‘yours’. It is the culmination of some hard working hours earning enough for a deposit or possibly you may have been gifted some help on the way. The first few mortgage payments make you gasp for air, but that feeling of exhilaration is still there and you convince yourself that the pain is worth it because you now have your own home. 

As the months and years start to roll by, there are many other commitments that start to put in an appearance; the birth of children, educating your kids, the need to update vehicles, looking after elderly parents, the desire to start your own business, having to go through some trials such as ill health…………..and so the list can go on. You find yourself feeling constantly burdened by the weight of the mortgage payments. 

This is the passion that drove Mark Taylor, of Mortgage Eliminators to develop a solution to help reduce that heavy burden; a way in which homeowners could eliminate their mortgage and instead be able to use their finances towards their other commitments and wants. Simply put Mark’s motivation behind his business is about helping people to not have to live their life around their mortgage, with every decision always hanging on it. 

Mark says, the method to eliminating the mortgage is through a tailored property investment solution. He explains with this example of a married couple, professionals in their early 30’s with their first child. They have an existing home worth $450K of which $300K is a mortgage and they pay $500 per week for their mortgage. Thus, they have $150K equity in the home. 

Mark explains that this couple could, with a 0% layout and instead using the equity in their existing home, purchase a dual key property for $650K. A dual key property is one where there is 2 residences – such as a 3 bedroom home and a 2 bedroom granny flat at the back of the property. For a property of this type the couple can conservatively expect $700 per week in rent ($400 for the 3 bedroom home and $300 for the granny flat).  

On top of the $700, Mark says, this couple would also be entitled to approximately $300 (on average) in tax benefits. The tax benefits would be on fixtures and fittings like curtains and air conditioners. The government wants to encourage those purchasing investment properties (which it does so through tax benefits) so that there is more houses supplied for Australians. The result for the family is they would gain $1000 per week ($700 rent + $300 tax benefits) which they can use to pay off their existing mortgage over a 3 to 8 year period.    

To learn more about how this could work for you, contact Mark Taylor on 0414 411 144 today to BOOK your complimentary, no-obligation 45 minute conversation. Mark will show you how you can use the equity in your existing home and your current financial situation to eliminate your mortgage within 3 to 8 years. 

There is nothing to lose, but everything to gain so don’t let your fear of property investment hold you back. Mark and team at Mortgage Eliminators are able to help with all aspects of the property investment from your financial arrangements through to the purchase of the land and build of the property. They will take care of you and your family, helping you secure a future in which you will NOT have to be burdened by a mortgage. 

For more information and testimonials of those who have taken the leap of eliminating their mortgage through property investment, go to www.mortgageeliminators.com.au