Can I still buy property during Covid-19 Lockdowns?

Yes you can, as there are no restrictions in place that will prevent you from either buying or selling a home during the current Covid-19 lockdowns, though the home buying process in Newcastle and how you can inspect the property has changed.

During lockdowns all open homes are closed and real estate agents are currently offering private inspections, FaceTime appointments and providing videos or virtual tours.

It’s important to remember when inspecting the property in person, that the agent must follow the strict Health Order Guidelines to prevent the spread of coronavirus and that only ONE buyer may attend a private inspection.  The buyer must wear a mask, use a hand sanitiser, maintain distance between the agent and must not touch anything in the home.

Buyers also must not attend if they are considered a close or casual contact, are awaiting a covid test result and should be self isolating.

If you are feeling unwell in anyway, please delay your inspection or have someone you trust to view the property on your behalf.

For those investment buyers from the Greater Sydney region who are prohibited to inspect in person in regional area or any buyer not wanting to inspect in person, you can do a remote inspection of the property by watching videos or by using other digital platforms like FaceTime or WhatsApp.

It’s also really important to plan in advance and be prepared to purchase by getting your permit to travel out of the Greater Sydney region and your pre-approval for finance before making appointments and offers.

NOTE:  For the latest updates about Covid-19 Rules click here!