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5 Living Rooms Items You Will Need in Your New Home

Moving to your new house is an exciting time, but there are some basic essentials that you need to make your new dwelling look, feel and function like a home. Here are a few essential décor and furniture items that increase the comfort of your living area. Curtains Curtains are one of the most useful […]

Home Selling 101: Get Rid of These 7 Items When Selling Your Home

House hunting is exciting, and that feeling can come from envisioning yourself living in the house you’ve dreamed about for so long. However, it cannot be easy imagining the place to be yours when it still feels like it belongs to another. Buyers will feel the same when they see your house during open inspections. […]

3 Things To Do When You Have Just Bought an Investment Property

It’s not yet time to rest after doing the work to successfully secure your first investment property. There are three important things you should do before you can enjoy the fruits of your investment. Get a property manager Hiring a property manager should make your role as a landlord relatively stress and hassle free. You […]

The Impact of the Lockdown on Property Prices

The property prices in Newcastle look to benefit even more from the current COVID lockdown. Because of the restrictions, people can no longer spend money on restaurants, bars or international travels. People are spending more time in their homes and research shows time searching for homes and investment opportunities is on the increase. This could […]

The Rising Popularity of Touchless Technology in the Home

Touchless tech is rising in popularity, even more so now as it fits perfectly with our pandemic lifestyle, where the norm is to interact with objects and people at a safe distance. Originally intended to provide efficiency in smart homes, touchless devices are now being used as hygienic measures to prevent cross-contamination. Here are the […]

Can I still buy property during Covid-19 Lockdowns?

Yes you can, as there are no restrictions in place that will prevent you from either buying or selling a home during the current Covid-19 lockdowns, though the home buying process in Newcastle and how you can inspect the property has changed. During lockdowns all open homes are closed and real estate agents are currently […]

Why Real Estate Won’t Return To Normal Once Lockdowns Lift

Many real estate agents and principals are working in lockdown right now, and even though we are still able to list and sell property (under constrained circumstances), we are finding that the majority of sellers are saying they prefer to wait for restrictions to end and consider listing their properties when real estate returns to […]

No Super Spring Saturdays!

Spring is here but the Australian property market and it’s super selling Spring Saturdays are not!  And it’s all because of the Health Orders relating to Covid-19 set down by the Chief Health Minister. The Australian property market is no longer a seasonal market. Typically, spring is a season where we see an influx of […]

How to Choose the Right Listing Agent to Sell Your Home

Home sellers commit the biggest mistake in choosing their listing agent when they base their decision on just two criteria: the highest list price for the home and the lowest commission. On the surface, those two are good criteria because any home seller would want to aim for those things. However, they have very little […]