Add Style to Your Home with These 26 Simple Ways

Balancing functionality, coziness and style seems challenging when it comes to decorating your home. Regardless of the amount of money we spend on good furniture, there seems to be something lacking in the rooms and don’t look like the perfect spaces that appear in magazines.

Sometimes a few small tricks that only need a little of your time and don’t involve spending money are needed to solve the situation.

Here are some tips to make your home look more stylish with little effort.

  1. Give the same treatment to the front door as the indoor

Don’t overlook the first impression you make about your home, even if you reside in an apartment building. A good way to add style to your home is to give the outside of the entrance the same attention as the inside.

Put an object from the interior of your home (not anything precious though), hang a seasonal wreath or decors, refresh your house number sign. It’s also a good idea to use plants, but be sure they get adequate light.

  1. Present items in threes

Like in various fields and disciplines, the rule of three is greatly utilised in styling and decorating. Displaying in threes appear to be more attractive visually and more composed, particularly when heights, sizes and materials offer some diversity.

Start small by experimenting in a tiny nook or table and then employ the idea to various spaces in the entire house. But don’t overdo it, or else the effect won’t come across right.

  1. Layer your rugs and carpets

Professionals employ this trick often to save on costs for client projects or to “cheat” on shoots. Aside from being an inexpensive way to bring a space together, it doesn’t prevent you from having the pattern you like if you can’t find the correct size. It’s also an effective method to determine what you think about a bolder selection and it creates a cosier and more stylish vibe to a room.

You can begin by layering a small vibrant bold rug on top of a larger neutral rug or carpet.

Bathroom renovations can force you to make hard decisions because sometimes the things you want to do are outside of your budget.

  1. Pile your books in different ways

While the typical vertical or a tad tilted pile in bookshelves is usual for a timeless home, other arrangements tell of a bolder style.

Try rotating between vertical and horizontal book stacks in bookshelves. Horizontal piles will interrupt the pattern of the vertical lines and bring more visual attention, so that it is much simpler to design the shelves with other items. Just make the pattern random and not similar throughout, so as not to look heavy on the eye.

  1. Showcase conversation pieces

This trick is more complicated than it seems because you want to avoid displaying your beloved items throughout your home only to find out that nobody is interested.

To grab people’s interest, conversation pieces should stick out from the surroundings and instantly attract attention. You don’t need to travel far to find an object worth talking about. What’s important is that there is a cherished memory attached to them, distant or recent, any object can spark a conversation (even a random photo or a thrifted item.

  1. Create decorative liquid soap bottles

Save your fancy bottle of hand wash after you’ve used up the soap and refill with an inexpensive one. For a simple fix, soak the plastic bottles in warm soapy water until the labels are easy to remove. A clear bottle looks less cheap and much upscale than a labeled one, even if it is inexpensive and is still plastic. Put these fancy bottles in the kitchen sink and bathroom sinks.

You can also add a bottle of random lotion by each sink, to apply on your hand after you finish washing the dishes. This will keep your hands soft and feel more luxurious yourself.

  1. Don’t let dust accumulate

Dust is a style killer. You might think it was only yesterday when you cleaned your house from top to bottom, but dust just collects regardless of how much you clean.

Try to find which surfaces are more noticeable in normal light at home and make sure to wipe them down more frequently in between general cleaning. This will let you enjoy your home and keep stress-free and not get worried when guests come by. So as not to forget, keep an easy cleaning tool, like wet wipes, placed somewhere close to the problematic areas.

  1. Display fresh flowers at random

Put fresh flowers in a vase somewhere in the corner of a room, nothing too central. Much better if the flowers are of different varieties. With the casual look and random placement, you are conveying that it’s something you do normally and for your own enjoyment, without trying hard in impressing others.

  1. Move items between different spaces

We typically employ the logic of moving stuff around in the same room and don’t think about moving things from room to room. The latter is a new way of repositioning furniture and layouts. Plus, many items might look better in a new room or might provide a better use. When you have no time or budget to go shopping, this is the quickest way to update every space in your home.

  1. Have white towels in the bathroom

This is a personal preference, but white-coloured towels create a sense of freshness and cleanliness (make sure they are really clean though). In addition, it’s good to keep more than one towel in the bathroom, as it brings a sense of effortless hospitality and curated details.

  1. Put books on the coffee table

You can instantly add style to a room and provide great entertainment for your guests with books. To ensure everyone enjoys, include books that you love and a couple of different genres. You can have only books piled low, various magazines, table books and photo books. This is also a situation where you can use the rule of three and combine books with decorative objects and small items.

  1. Use a pitcher to serve water

Using a pitcher whether you drink water from the tap, refrigerated or bottled allows for easy access and also looks fancier. It looks cool to take out a pitcher during meals with family or with guests. For a quick, very fancy touch, add slices of cucumber or lemon to the water.

  1. Use the same paint colour and finish on mismatch pieces

If you have plenty of mismatched pieces of furniture that don’t go well together because of their different finish, colour or style, consider painting a few in a similar colour and finish to create unity in the room. Pick a couple of items that are strewn across the room and not too near each other. Don’t go overboard, as even a tiny dose can create unity.

  1. Have placemats on the table even when it’s not meal time

Though it might seem counter-intuitive, this tip actually creates the sense of tidiness at home and order in the family, especially those with children. Another great way to add colour and pattern in minimal doses is by using placemats (only if you like them). The placemats can be plastic, rubber or paper that you buy in stores at low prices. You can also do your own by repurposing old sheets or cutting fabric.

  1. Display a group of identical element

Pick one type of produce in large quantities. Fruit is great and the more intense the colour the better. Vegetables or simple elements found in nature, like stones or wood pieces, also work.

Put several of them in a large vase or bowl and display in a visible location (like a shelf or kitchen counterpart), but not too central, except if you are using it as a table centerpiece. The objective is to create a large visual effect by having an identical element in bulk, so it’s a good idea to use uncomplicated shapes and materials, such as for a glass vase or porcelain bowl.

  1. Light candles in clusters

Collect all your candles and set them in small clusters throughout the house. Examples of good places to apply this trick are the living room and entrance.

Rather than display them individually, it is better to light candles in groups because they will bring a bigger glow, which looks beautiful during the evenings and when you have guests. Additionally, having a cluster of candles burning creates a sense that you do this at random times and don’t do them just for special occasions.

When purchasing candles, avoid the fancy smells and pick the plain white ones, which look timeless and elegant and great for grouping.

  1. Use indoor plants

Take any space to the next level effectively with plants. Aside from offering freshness and colour to a space, plants help add style points to a space when you treat them as decorative pieces when picking their placements.

Experiment with various scale plants and various leaf designs, if possible. Place large plants close to large pieces of furniture or put them in empty nooks. With undersized plants, mix them with furniture parts or use them to complement larger ones (when the rule of three is used). Make sure they receive sufficient light to make them thrive.

  1. Eliminate a few accessories

If you like the “more is more” look, you have a more eclectic style or you’re just trying to identify your style. This is a quick tip for you. Remove a few objects that are on display. Rugs, pillows, decorative items, wall art can be removed one by one until what’s left is a clean slate. You can change things up until you’re satisfied with what you see.

  1. Place throw pillows and blankets over the sofa  

Aside from making a home look cosier and lived-in, light blankets and throws offer a natural way to add texture or colour/pattern to a relatively flat or neutral space. If you prefer only one throw, ensure that it’s carefully folded, but thrown a little freely. If you’re going for two or more, play with the arrangement until the space looks balanced.

  1. Place baskets around the house

Use baskets to fill with stuff before visitors turn up or cart from room to room to collect objects and take items back to their original placements. They look much more luxurious and interesting than they actually are. Placing them strategically around the house makes them feel part of the design.

You can use different sizes and shapes, but make sure they are of the same material or have a common tone to keep noise at a minimum in a quite hectic looking home. In contrast, baskets can be utterly flamboyant in a neutral room.

  1. Take out all packaging and keep products in containers

This simple tip has a lot to do with stylish homes that are defined by a not many details. For all food-related items that you purchase and place on display, take them out of their packaging and put them in neat looking containers. Glass containers are nice, but they can be costly if you need a lot. An inexpensive option is repurposed jam or sauce jars or buying plain porcelain ones. The objective is to avoid a whole matching set, but to use similar materials or colours in order to create a coherent and clean vibe in a pantry or kitchen.

  1. Hang items on the walls

If you’re avoiding dressing your walls because you think art and frames are expensive, then don’t. Frames and even art aren’t needed because any object can be art as long as it impacts you in any way and draws out emotions.

  1. Showcase your hobbies

Don’t hold back on displaying your hobby creations or even equipment. It will, for sure, spark interesting conversations, likely lead to more quality time if you successfully get another person to join and plenty of character added to your home effortlessly. Hang items on the walls, put arbitrarily on shelves or just set it down on the floor.  

  1. Use something surprising to fill a non-functional fireplace

The typical area to experiment with its purpose is a fireplace. Place any item other than firewood inside it and you immediately add style to the space. You can also use the same trick in small nooks, architectural elements, windows with partial or zero view, outdated appliances, and even sections of large furniture.

  1. Layer, layer and layer some more

Layering is the answer if you want a full magazine styled home. Start modestly and add more layers as you feel more at ease with the dynamics of your home. Begin experimenting on your sofa or coffee table. Try the rule of three and various textures, materials, colours until the it you get the vibe right.

  1. Let your home show your personality

The most elegant properties I have seen are either decorated for a photo shoot or are actual homes of fascinating people, that appear a bit dissimilar to what we commonly see, but show plenty of character and style.

The simplest and most effective way to add more style to your home is to integrate more of your personality and your tastes. Create a beautiful space that you’re keen to spend time in and treasure as much as you can. When you wholeheartedly “embrace” your home’s peculiarities, it is easy to impress others.