A Baby’s Arrival Means It’s Time to Move

The arrival of a baby is a momentous event in a young couple’s life. Aside from the couple making significant changes to their daily routine, they may also need to think about moving to a larger space.

A one-bedroom apartment or house maybe fine for the couple for now whilst the baby is still small, but space will eventually become a problem when the little tyke starts to crawl or walk. Upsizing is a practical solution to solve the space problem. Couples should consider buying property with enough land, so they can extend the house as the kids arrive.

Factors to Consider When Upsizing
There are several factors to consider when purchasing a bigger property, from the couple’s budget and proximity to primary and secondary schools to the number of children the couple agreed to have. It is also worth considering whether the property can grow as the number of children increases. The size of the backyard may also be a consideration, especially for families who are looking at having large family, pets or building a swimming pool in the future.

Another factor very important to would-be up-sizers is the proximity to the inner city. Couples, especially the younger ones, can go further out and purchase more land for less. But some prefer a property where the hip and happening is right at their doorstep.

Couples are also hesitant to consider going further out the suburbs because they have become used to the amenities of the inner city. They know the best places to eat, where to watch movies and where to go for coffee. They have friends and maybe relatives in the area, so moving not too far from those amenities and social networks is certainly a consideration.

Tips for Buying a Bigger Property
Here are tips that up-sizers should take note of:

  • The property should be near childcare centres, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. Look at the property’s public school zoning.
  • The house should be close to recreational facilities and public transport. Easy access to buses or trains is important especially if these are the children’s main mode of transport when going to school.
  • Consider purchasing a house with a good sized backyard where children can play.
  • Calculate the best time to move. Moving when the children are already in school and have established relationships in the area is not a good idea.
  • Consider buying a property that is near your family or social networks. Moving so far away may make you feel isolated. Support is readily available if you need it.

Plan further down the road. Your house might be enough for your family now. But what about when the baby grows and more children come?