7 Ways to Prevent a Decorating Calamity

Home decorating is similar to clothes shopping: you desire something beautiful, fits your style, and is comfy and affordable.

Below are seven major decorating tips you should know before getting started.

1.   Identify your decorating targets
Are you renting, selling or nesting? Your response will have a major influence on your method. In general, there are no limits if you are redecorating for your family and for yourself. You can take a shot at all your ideas, whether it is unusual colour schemes, statement decorations or mismatched furniture selections.

Conversely, if you are preparing your home for rent or sell, it is best to take a more conservative approach. Your dwelling should be presented as a blank canvas so prospective tenants or buyers can easily envision themselves and their possessions belonging in your home.

2.   Be a bowerbird
Once you begin pondering a decorating project, begin purchasing magazines, looking at websites and carefully studying your friends’ dwellings. Look at building materials, finishes, colour patterns, furniture and decorations you prefer, either taken from pages of magazines or an online resource.

Then, examine all the pictures in one sitting and identify what themes come out. You may uncover a liking for subdued green walls, or that while you love Scandinavian design, your partner prefers Art Deco.

3.   Be Stylish, not fashionable
When you’ve determined you favourite style, and if needed your partner’s, it’s time to begin. However, what happens if you have contrasting styles?

It shouldn’t be a major problem; just establish some common ground between your preferences. After all, good design is good design, whatever the era is. A simple way to create balance to a room is by sharing a motif or highlight colour.

Though one room is ruled by a specific style, implementing some traces of this look in other spaces of the property can transform your property from erratic to balanced.

4.   Think like Coco Chanel
When I worked in the beauty industry I remembered hearing Coco Chanel’s great rule for dressing: when you’re just about to go out the door, view yourself in the mirror and get rid of one item. A similar principle is used to any space in your home: when all the pieces of furniture have been placed inside, remove one piece.

That item can always be swapped back in later (as long as another item is removed) and your spaces will feel roomier and more comfortable, as a result.

5.   The perfect bedroom
Your bedroom should serve as a haven, so think twice before introducing a look that’s excessively dramatic. Warm tones (with a bit of red or yellow) will create a cosy and inviting feel in your bedroom; cool tones (with a bit of green or blue) will generate a soothing and relaxing mood.

Space and light are also essential, so choose a bed that is just right not the largest your room can accommodate.  Then invest in some chic bedside lamps that are easy to change when you don’t like them anymore.

6.   Your living room is not a showroom
Mix and match your furniture to shun the furniture showroom look. You can also display your individual style with this. Follow this rule of thumb: ensure that your couch and armchairs differ, with contrasting coverings (such as fabric versus leather), shapes (like rounded versus angular) and textures (consider bent plywood versus chunky fabric).

7.   Turn kitchens and bathrooms into workspaces
Ensure that your kitchen and bathroom have sufficient light, space and storage. You have to get these two rooms right, particularly if you’re renting or selling. Enhance natural light with artificial light in the workspaces, and put sufficient storage to provide each appliance or gadget a home. You should also fight the impulse to clutter the areas with lots of unnecessary items.

Something I personal like to do is use Pintrest to create a storyboard.  This can help you visualise your styling ideas.  Visit mine at https://au.pinterest.com/APPinkerton/ you can even make a secret board so only you and anyone you personally choose can see it.

​Have fun styling!