7 Ways to Make Your Rental Property More Appealing

Securing a good tenant as fast as possible is the goal if you decide to rent out your house. But even with so many competing tenants out there, achieving this goal may not be simple.

Especially when rents are high and tenant are expecting a lot for their money.  Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to help increase the appeal of your rental property and ensure you find the right tenant.

The first step is to determine your target tenants. For young professionals, convenience and neutral tones are highly preferred. If you think, fly-in fly-out (FIFO) or shift workers would be attracted to your home, pay attention on security, privacy and sun-blocking window treatments.

Keeping these tenants in mind, here are seven tips for increasing rental returns and enticing the right tenants.

  1. Spotless Appliances

You can save a lot of money in the long term with minor repairs that are done upfront. Check your house to make sure all your appliances are spotless and in good working condition – repair and replace if necessary. From stove tops to dishwashers, give them a thorough cleaning so they are germ-free and ready for use by tenants.

  1. New Blinds and Curtains

Your house can get an instant facelift with new window furnishings. Additionally, these items will allow you to target your ideal tenant. If your house is close to the airport, block out blinds are recommended as they appeal to FIFO or shift workers. Choose stylish custom roman blinds if you have an apartment in a trendy suburb. If you have a beachside holiday home, choose wooden shutters for a coastal feel.

If your existing curtains or blinds are still good, clean them thoroughly to remove mould and grime.

  1. Clean Walls

A house with dirty walls looks unkempt, so clean up all marks and then fill in holes or cracks. A freshly painted house can never go wrong, as not only the right hue makes a space look larger, new paint will make an older home look neat and tidy.

Pick light neutrals, but don’t paint the whole house white because it can make the house look harsh and unwelcoming.

  1. Renovated Kitchen

There is no doubt that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes, but they also get renters. Before undertaking any renovation, ask your real estate agent about the costs, as there may be a few DIY jobs that will suffice. Consider painting the walls and cupboards, then change the door handles to fit the new colour. You can also renovate the countertops and put in a new sink.

  1. Bathroom Update

If your bathroom is old and grubby, there’s a likelihood that prospective tenants would be turned off. Inexpensive items to pay attention to include repairing leaking taps, replacing light fittings and getting a new shower head. A major turn-off in bathrooms is mould, so having the grout professionally taken care of is worth considering.

  1. Well-Ordered Fixtures

Further boost your chances of success by making sure your tenant won’t have anything to complain about regarding damaged fittings or fixtures. Make sure all your fixtures, from the letterbox to the light switches and all taps, doorknobs, fly screens and locks, function properly and are in good condition.

  1. Have Dirt-Free Carpets

Grubby carpets don’t look and smell good. They can also have dust and dirt. If the carpets are professionally cleaned at the beginning of their lease, then you can ask them to do the same at the end of their lease.  If your carpets are beyond saving, replace them because nice-looking carpets will make a house feel homey and well-maintained.

Think like a tenant, repair any nagging issues and add a few personal touches according to who will be living in your home. These things will let you set expectations, appeal to better tenants and increase your returns.